4 weeks until a flight to Bangkok
Regular flu shot was 3 weeks ago. Flight is in 4 weeks. Should I get vaccinated [this probably refers to swine flu vaccination], and when is the right time?
Hello, We have a 15-month-old son who suffers from cystic fibrosis. We have the option of relocating to Mallorca, or otherwise to only spend the winter months there. Would you consider this to be an advantage for our son’s health due to the milder climate? Many thanks in advance.
Spending a school year in Ireland
I am going to spend a school year in Ireland. What’s the procedure with prescriptions and medication in Ireland? (Will I have to pay for the medication etc.)? And how can I find a doctor there who knows about CF?
Gran Canaria
Dear expert team, we will go to Gran Canaria for a holiday and are looking for an emergency address there for our daughter (two years old, CF). Thanks in advance!
Mine / flowstone cave
Dear experts, can a CF student go to a mine and a flowstone cave during a school excursion, or is this not advisable due to the germ situation? I would particularly imagine the flowstone cave to be a germ source par excellence. Thank you for the information.
Holiday in Egypt
Dear expert team, as I am thinking of going on holiday in Egypt as a CF patient, the following questions: 1. Which areas in Egypt do you recommend? 2. Which precautions are necessary before the holiday (vaccinations etc.?) 3. Which CF centers are there in Egypt? 4. Are in Egypt in case of ...
Dear expert team, Recently, we were in the Allgaeu [rural region in Germany] and it was intensively smelling of slurry everywhere. Since CF children (= our son) are not supposed to go into stables I am a bit worried about this now. How do you estimate the health risk (mould fungi, germs, ...
Journey to Thailand August 2009
Dear expert team, I am 23 years old and have a attenuated form of CF (lung function normal, never Pseudomonas, no resp. hardly any accumulation of mucus in the lung, do not need daily inhalation, I am doing extreme sports and have actually no restriction). And now I want to fly to Thailand in 2 ...
Time intervall between Colistin/DNAse
Dear expert team, my 11-year old son inhales with the e-flow: -in the mornings and in the evenings 5ml NaCl and afterwards Colistin - in the middle of the day DNAse (does not have mucus, that has to be mobilized) Is it possible on holidays to change the order due to lack of time e.g. -in ...
Bleeding of the lungs and flying
Hello. A few years ago I had a severe bleeding of the lung, that had been "repaired" via 2 embolizations. Now my question: Do longterm flights facilitate bleedings of the lung (saturation about 95%)? Many thanks for your efforts.
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