Travelling to the sea
Is it recommended for a child (4 years old with CF) to travel to the sea in an airplane? Thank you.
Liquid Oxygen
Dear Expert Team, first of all, kudos to your efforts in answering the numerous questions. I am a little puzzled, since I just read an article on oxygen administration in which TO Hirche said (in answering the question of a 41-year-old patient) that additional oxygen administration leads to ...
Oxygen saturation at night
Is it necessary to wear an oxygen mask with an average value of 91 (without mask)?
Oxygen supply during flight
Dear expert team, […] Since my last flight I know that oxygen supply during the flight would be good to have and therefore I would like to know how and with which airlines and of course at which price oxygen supply can be applied for. Altogether I would like to know if there is a list of ...
Clinic abroad with CF experience
Dear expert team, I am planning to go away on a trip within the next weeks, pretty soon … most probably to Fuerteventura! For safety reasons I would feel better if I had a medical address with CF experience in my luggage. Furthermore, how can I apply for oxygen supply during the flight and ...
Oxygen therapy at night and after physical stress despite normal blood gases at rest
Hello, I am suffering from CF and I am now 41 years old. Unfortunately my lung function deteriorated rapidly in last years, particularly dramatic over the last six months (FEV 1 now only around the 41 % to 45%). At rest I have still a relatively good oxygen saturation (around 94%). However, under ...