Treatment in Kosovo
Hello, My sister in law and her husband have a 3 year-old, healthy daughter. In August 2007 she gave birth to a son who was suffering from CF and died in December 2007. They like to have more children, now my question: Is there a possibility of prenatal diagnostics? Can this be done in Kosovo? ...
Hello, What does heterozygote mean? The values of my niece are: 3849 + 10 KgC-T Heterozygote und de IS 508 Heterozygote. What do these values mean and with which degree of CF one has to face? My sister is supposed to deliver at the end of May; can she deliver in a simple cottage hospital ...
Diagnosis during pregnancy
Hello, My sister is in her 6th month of pregnancy. Since there is CF in our family she underwent an amniocentesis and the child carries both defect genes. When the last ultrasound scan was done everything was ok organically (intestine, etc.). Should my sister go the a CF ambulance before birth ...
Inhalation of Gentamicin in patients with stop mutation
Many thanks for answering my question. However I expressed myself probably unclearly: I had read that gentamicin, appart from its antibacterial effect, has a potency to treat CF patients with stop mutations, like the one of my son (deltaF508/R553X). So my question is, whether it could make sense ...
CF at the age of 58 years and with 100kg
When I was 16 I have been diagnosed with CF after a sweat test in a specialized hospital for lung diseases in Bremen. My brother died of this disease at the age of 38 years. As I have been in an extraordinary good condition until 2 years ago, I did not bother about this disease. At the end of the ...
Gene mutation of delta F 508/2789+5G-A, Work in a pigsty
Dear expert team, I am 37 years old, male and I am suffering of a very mild variant of CF. I have the mutations F 508 and 2789+5G-A. My brother died as a child because of CF. Can you give me some information about my mutations? Is it possible that my health condition will worsen sometime? Now I ...
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