Co-enzyme Q10
Dear expert team, I am suffering from CF and in a recent investigation of my blood, a lack of Conzyme Q10 was found. I found out that Conenzyme Q10 is fat-soluble. Is that the reason, that in case of CF, a lack is found more frequently? Are there any studies on the topic? Can Conenzyme Q be given ...
Salt preparations with high blood pressure and salt-restricted diet
Hello, I have a high blood-pressure and a salt-restricted diet. During the summer, I have to take salt preparations. How do I deal with this contradiction?
Cf and echodens intestines
How many percent of the still unborn babies with CF will show echodense intestines during the 20-week ultrasound?
Salt substitution in case of babies
Dear experts, in how far the loss of salt in case of babies or toddler with CF should be covered by increased salt intake and how can the additional salt be given to babies? Many thanks....
CF diabetes sugar replacement
Hello, what is your opinion about the sugar replacement "bio sweetener" - can a patient take it without risks (if he can afford it...)? Thanks
Edible mould on salami
Often one can find on Italian or French salami a powdered coating with edible mould on the outer skin. Is this kind of mould dangerous for CF patients? Many thanks and best regards, S.O.
Pancreatic inflammation in CF patient
My son of 4 has problems with his pancreas. It's about chronic pancreatic inflammation. What can I expect and is it recognizable?
Food supplement Indeptra from USA
What do you think of this offer? The non-profit-CF research group Sharktank ( sells under the food supplement "Indeptra". Indeptra is a natural composition for CF containing polyphenoles and antioxidants. These polyphenoles have reduced ...
Cleaning of the gut before endoscopy
Hello, I am lung-transplanted since 2010 and had a routine appointment for a gut endoscopy last november. The cleaning phase was unfortunately very difficult, as in spite of drinking of 3 litres endofalk-solution (macrogol) the day before, persisting hard pieces of stool could still be found on ...
Kalydeco and enzymes
Hello, my daughter gets Kalydeco for 16 months now. Now it came out more and more, that she gets constipation and stomach ache with the normal dosage of enzymes. We have markedly reduced the enzymes then. Unfortunately, this was not successful either. Then we did not give any enzymes at all ...
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