Can a Cf patient have rabbits at home? Or should we keep them outside? My friend is a CF patient. Thank you
pets- rabbits
My friend has CF. We would like to have a rabbit as pet. Is this allowed? We prefer a cage in the house, that we clean daily. Thank you,
Dog after transplantation in bed?
Hello, can our dog sleep in our bed after lung transplantation? Which would be the risk, because fungi, bacteria etc. are already spread all over the appartment as the dog lives there... Many thanks
Dear expert team, a CF patient loves to go walking in the park with her dog. The question came up, if Pseudomonas can be transmitted from the dog's hair when the dog is running through mud an puddles.... Many thanks, for your help
pseudomonas bacteria
Dear reader, My brother-in-law has installed an electric humidifier in his house. He has to replace the water every month (this is stagnant water). The water is NOT heated but is still on the floor (room temp.). Does it give more risk for the Pseudomonas bacteria? My son has CF. His visits are ...
Ecologic swimming pool
Is it safe to swim in an ecologic swimming pool concerning CF?
Amercian refrigerator
Is it safe to drink tap water from an Amercian refrigerator if you have CF?
Water detector
We have a water detector since summer. Does it have a positive effect on prevention of infection with Pseudomonas?
PA MRGN 3/4 dealing with other people in everyday life
Dear expert team, I suffer from CF with the above mentioned germ. How to deal that status, if I am in public places? Concrete: can I visit a public swimming pool? Should I advise friends (non-CF/ "healthy") to protect themselves in case of visits at home, for some hours or overnight? Should one / ...
Potting plants
Dear expert team, My daughter has CF and is 4 years old. We want to pot plants in huge pots. I thought my daughter might help with that, however she shoud wear a mask. Is it really necessary? How high is the risk that she aquires problematic germs like fungi, Burkholderia cepacia.., when potting ...
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