CF testing
I am 9 weeks pregnant and my doctor recommended to get tested for CF. The 300 euro cost is prohibitive. Do you think I must get tested?
combination of DF508/R750Q
I am 21 weeks pregnant in my first child and I was found to carry the DF508 mutation in heterozygote status. My husband was found to carry the R750Q mutation, also in heterozygote status. I would like to ask: 1. What are the chances of the fetus inheriting both genes? 2. What mild symptoms does ...
Symptoms of baby
Dear team, By instance, a gallstone has been discovered in our 12 months-old son. The physician is sending us now for having a sweat test done. He has had a cold about 3 times, with cough. The symptoms disappeared however within one week without drugs. His nose is frequently congested. Otherwise ...
Amount of daily drinking
Hello, I would like to know for my friend, who suffers from CF, how much water one has to drink daily in case of CF?
Heterozygous fetus of 14 weeks
After a trophoblast examination the results were negative for Down syndrome, but the fetus is heterozygous for CF. Will the baby always remain a carrier? Is there a chance for the baby to have CF? Its sister is 20 months old and normal. An amniocentesis was performed and a molecular karyotype was ...
Average age
Hello, my partner suffers from CF and I have a few questions. However the treating physician has no time to answer them. How is the average age that a CF Patient can reach before he needs a transplant? (My partner is 21 years old). Respectively, can he also with his actual lung, if he takes his ...
CF and scoliosis
My 13-year-old daughter has a scoliosis of over 40 degrees. It is probable, that the bending is getting worse the coming year. Is it a disadvantage if the spine is not operated (conerning the lung function)?
Snoring nose
Hello I am the mother of a 2- months-old child, very worried; He has a persistent and severe pneumopathy at 1 month (following a rhinitis). His neonatal test is negative. He is followed by a pneumopaediatrician who had prescribed him a entoline and singulair and pulmicort treatment in the long ...
Practical year medicine in case of CF
My son is 24 years old and studies (with empathy) medicine. In summer he will do his second state exam. His health status is relatively stable, on the other hand he is getting easliy ill in case of a high physical burden. He is actually very afarid of the practical year, especially concerning the ...
Hello can we really have confidence in medicine? Must we really believe that one day cystic fibrosis will be cured? Is a treatment for Class 5 mutations underway? Best regards.
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