Question on food oils
Hello , I am currently asking a lot of questions about alimentary oils. Can CF people consume cold-extracted oils (rather used by small specialized companies) compared to refined, inert and virtually unalterable oils? Can we consume unrefined oils, cold extracted oils or is there a risk of ...
Mutations F508del / L227R
Hello, My 3 year old son has cystic fibrosis that was diagnosed less than a year ago. The two mutations found were F508del and L227R. As we live in Morocco we do not have a genetic counseling center that can tell us the degree of severity of this type of mutations and how this will develop in the ...
Hello, I am 42 years old. I've CF (pre-transplantation exams done but not yet listed), no malnutrition problem, but diabetes. I would like to considerably reduce my consommation of meat for ethical reasons (and only the meat in a 1st time), replacing it with vegetable meat type Veggifood etc ...
Hello, I heard that onions could be harmful for the CF patients because they might contain the B. cepacia bacteria. Can we still eat it? Even raw? Thank you for your answers.
Vitamins and CF
Hello My 6-year-old CF son was diagnosed only last year. We don't live in France however we could visit a CF Center in France on 2 occasions. He has ADEK, E and D vitamins from the beginning (after blood test) and K vitamin for 3 months (without any blood test). Do I have to give him vitamins ...
Kreon® and breastfeeding
Hello, My daughter is 1 year old and suckles day and night in a more or less brief way. I read that breast milk contained pancreatic enzymes. Because of this, for fear of giving too much and because of fatigue at night, I stopped giving her Kreon® for a few days during feedings. But I give it ...
Pancreatic insufficiency
Hello, We have just got to know that our 2-month-old CF daughter is pancreatic insufficient. Yet, nourished by breastfeading, she has, for 2 months, gained a lot of weight. Could it not be a mistake? If she can't assimilate the fat, how has she gained weight since birth? Thank you for your ...
Hello, In these periods of gastrointestinal epidemics or other causes of diarrhea, is smecta® contraindicated for a young CF patient in case of severe diarrhea and severe stomach pain? I read that this medicine was fixed to the mucus. Thank you!
Homeopathy, probiotics and immune defense
Hello, My 3-year-old daughter has antibiotic cures (15 days) with no symptoms other than a cough that you can not get rid of (no Pseudomonas aeruginosa or other bacteria). Pharmacists often advise to take (at the end of the treatment) a cure of probiotics in order to rebalance her intestinal ...
Recommended amount of eurobiol® 25000u
Hello, I am a mother of a 11-year-old child with CF (mutation Fd508). I reside in Morocco. I would like to know the number of eurobiol® 25000 unit capsules recommended for children of his age, depending on the amount of lipids in his diet. His diet is well balanced. Here below the amount of fat ...
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