Premature baby and meconium plug
I gave birth to twin boys at 28 weeks of gestation. After 23 days twin B was submitted to surgery due to meconium ileus. He was fed through IV for two months. He presented with severe cholestasis, which he overcame after two months. 5 days ago we did an ultrasound investigation and he had ...
Diagnosis cystic fibrosis in case of long-lasting irritable colon?
Hello, I am 26 years old, female and have since about 8 years strong and increasing complaints concerning the digestion. These are getting more and more worse and express themselves in chronic obstipation, which is hard to treat inspite of the use of Macrogol and MCP (Metoclopramid) and I have ...
Side effects?
Hello dear experts, My son (3,5 years old) has had two positive sweat tests; a gene test is still outstanding. We have been given Creon® (pancrelipase) and multivitamins, which I think are quite effective. Since our son has been taking both, he does not want to go to sleep, has become almost ...
Body fat scale
Dear Sir or Madam, My body fat was determined in the gym by using a body fat scale with handle electrodes (fat < 9%, muscle mass about 43%). This measurement is said to be not very exact. Is is possible that in CF individuals additional measuring errors can occur due to the for sure altered ...
nutritional supplements
I have a grandson 8 years with cystic fibrosis. When it prevail problems with the pancreas. Would it just be given a dietary supplement okra pepsin Eze [ment here the herbal preparation Okra Pepsin E3] for clearing the accumulated mucus? Thank you.
Hello. We have a child who has cystic fibrosis and we would like to know if the anti-reflux medications, from a general point of view, were unsuitable for them? I'm not an expert but it seems to me that these drugs are designed with the aim to "stuff" and therefore they could harm the ...
Saliva in cystic fibrosis
Hello, For quite some time I am interested to learn why the saliva in CF isn’t more viscous than in healthy persons? Is its composition, amount and viscosity normal compared to the saliva of healthy persons or are there differences? According to Wikipedia the saliva contains the digestive ...
Hello, should we take vitamins (ADEK) before breakfast or during it? Thank you.
How likely is the diagnosis of CF?
Hello, I write here as I am nearly turning crazy because of the fear about my newborn daughter. It is like this that she has been born 2 weeks before the calculated birth date via cesarian section, everything looked fine. However, she did not evacuate the meconium. She had an ileus (meconium ...
Impossible to make her eat
Hello, the girl of my brother who is 1 year and 1 month has cystic fibrosis, diagnosed at one month of age, and since this time she follows the necessary treatment, but unfortunately for at least two months she refuses to eat . The doctors have performed all the necessary examinations, but they ...
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