Mould in nuts
Dear experts, Is it possible that swallowing mouldy tasting nuts leads to an allergic reaction in the lungs of a CF patient (who also had ABPA (allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis) before)? Thanks for your answer.
School Canteen
Hello, My daughter will start kindergarten in September. She has Cystic Fibrosis. I work and my daughter will go to the canteen and then I wondered if the canteen meals were adequate (Calories, fats and salt). If not, are packed lunches as those that already exist for children with allergy, a ...
tap water
Hello, I am the mother of a little boy with cystic fibrosis and I am surprised it is not forbidden to drink tap water. My CF center tells me that there is no problem [translators comment: this question is from France, so the information is about the state of French tap water] but I'm stumped ...
High-dose i.v. therapy with vitamin C (7.5g)
Dear expert team, Due to frequent infections (CF patient, 50 years old), my doctor suggested a high-dose vitamin C i.v. therapy (twice a week) in addition to taking antibiotics. This is supposed to strengthen the immune system as a supportive therapy. I am now wondering whether this makes ...
ions exchange
Hello, my daughter (10 years, suffering from cystic fibrosis) was found during a visit to the emergency (tarchycardia, low grade fever, loss of sight - she saw only black and red, weakness, tremors of the limbs) to have an abnormally low potassium in the blood. Everything was back to normal after ...
Cause of cough?
Dear expert team, my son (CF, 4 years old, 1.07m, 16.5kg, mild progression so far) rarely coughs when he does not have infections, only during strong physical action and sometimes after inhalation. For some time now, he has also been having a continuous cough (dry nervous cough) that starts ...
CF related Liver disease, Lycopene and Vitamin E
Dear Expert, I'm a father to a 7years old boy with CF. Recently, a CF related Liver disease was diagnosed (by ultrasound and elevated liver enzymes in the blood). It was also discovered that his Vitamin E level is higher than normal 33mg/L. Can the high level of Vitamin E affect the Liver ...
Coconut oil
Hello, I heard that coconut oil is particularly healthy, even against fungi, bacteria, etc. As such, wouldn’t it be suited for people with CF? Are there any concerns about cholesterol, as coconut oil is supposed to increase the cholesterol level? Would it be advisable to substitute coconut oil ...
Feeding difficulties
Hello, my daughter is 22 months and she is in full opposition to food. If we listened to her, she would eat only yogurt, stewed fruit or bottles of milk. What should I do? Let her eat what she wants? Go to bed without eating, is it dangerous for her? We are quite worried. In addition, she has to ...
Salt tablets
Hello, When my son (CF, 14 years old, 1.63m and 48.7 kg) pushes himself too hard during exercising in the summer, he becomes pale in the face and complains about nausea. We were recommended salt tablets. On the internet, athletes say that those tablets are not very easily digestible and that ...
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