Loss of vitamins due to blending of selfmade smoothies
I (CF, pancreas insufficiency, much sport) pay a lot attention to my nutrition. However, as I have hardly any appetite on “real” food during the summer, I live preferably on self-made smoothies. My favorites are: 500ml certified raw milk, 1 banana, ½ mango, ¼ pineapple or apricots (about ...
Vitamin D3
Hello, Due to a low vitamin D level (17,7ug/l, the recommended value would be 20), my doctor has ordered me (43 years old) to take vitamin D (8 dr.) in addition to the multivitamins I take in the mornings. However, during the time I take the drops, I get cramps in the fingers and toes as well as ...
Pancreatic enzymes
Hello, My 7 month old has CF and since he is two months he takes "pancreatic enzymes" at the beginning of each meal... I wonder what are its effects? How do this drug work? Disadvantages? Its risks? Its duration of effectiveness? Under what conditions this medicine is it most effective with ...
Diet- large intestine
As a child with CF grows and the quality/quantity of the food is stable (nothing has changed) is it possible that it may not need as much Creon as it did when it was younger? I observe that the defecations stress the child. If we assume that the Creon is too much, how do I deal with the ...
I just had the result of elastase in the stool : 461μg / g stool. Does it mean that I have a problem concerning the pancreas? M.
Hyperechogenic bowel
Dear expert team, I am in the 31th week of pregnancy and our baby has been diagnosed to have a mild hyperechogenic bowel. Furthermore, the bowel is slightly extended. The baby gains weight well (at the moment about 2000g) and all the other values are also good. How high is the probability that ...
chronic diarrhea in a 1 year 6 months child
Hello, My son is 1.5 years old and he has many stools (1-2, max 3 per day but this is very rarely) about 6 months. What tests should I make for the diagnosis? I mention that bacteriological examinations were negative. Often chlamydospores of Candida occured in the stool. Stool aspect is pasty ...
How come reflux is such a common thing in people with CF?
Follow-up question: Motilium®
Dear expert team, many thanks for answering so quickly. Because of the colonization with P.a. I take Azithromycin 250mg every other day as long-term therapy. I also inhale Colistin and DNAse. According to your description, it seems one should be careful here and probably pause Azithromycin? S.
Gallstones with cystic fibrosis
Are they common? What do I have to keep in mind, since I am also currently breastfeeding my baby?
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