Leaky gut
My question is about an illness named leaky gut. My question was if this could not also frequently occur in patients with CF, especially if they are taking antibiotics frequently. And if yes, would a gluten-free nutrition help also? Many thanks for your answer.
Unexplained stomach pain
Dear expert team, for some month I suffer again and again from unexplained, crampy stomach pain. It deals with a kind of pain other than after a forgotten/wrongly dosed Kreon intake, it does not go along with stool irregularities. It was striking, that this pain occured frequently in phases ...
Fat and Creon
Hello Our 22-months-old CF child takes 12 to 13 Creon capsules per day and yet his stools are fairly fat or even very fat. We have always been advised to enrich the diet but actually it only increases the amount of fat in stools. Can there be an increase in the Creon safely or we will have to ...
Breastfeeding for CF mother
Hello I am pediatric nurse and I met a future CF Mom. She wonders about her ability or not to breastfeed her newborn. I don't know what to say. Thank you
Important BMI
My daughter aged nearly 4 years (June) has an BMI of 18. 95 cm for 16,1kg. For a long time, she had a lower weight curve than normal, the CF center recommended us to give her high calorie meals. But now I wonder if the dose of Creon 12000 (1 morning, 3 afternoon, 3 for snack and 3 evening) is ...
Complementary drugs for pseudomonas
Hi, my daughter is 7 years old and since the beginning of the year we are fighting against Pseudomonas. Actually we are for the second time for iv antibiotics in hospital. My question is, are there any additional options in complementary medicine? Is there any experience in treatment with Manuka ...
Hello, I am a mother of a three-year-old CF child. For 15 days, it's difficult for him to eat. I wanted to know if it's normal or if I should consider another nutrition? Thank you.
High fat diet
Hello, CF patients must have a high fat diet. However, can they take any kind of fat? Should one prefer vegetable fats rather than animal fats, raw rather than cooked fat? Quantity OK ... but what quality? In advance thank you for your reply.
Target values for pancreatic elastase in case of CF
Dear ladies and gentlemen, I would like to ask a question. Probably you could help us? Shortly about the background: We are parents of a 2.5 year-old happy daughter with CF. Our pediatrician (who is not part of our CF center team) directed the investigation of a stool sample of our daughter, ...
fatty stool
I have a 2.5 year-old son. Till his first year of life he was at 90th percentile of the weight-height curve, but now he is at the 50th. Last summer he had pneumonia for the first time and 2 months after diarrhea for 20 days that was treated with diet. Generally speaking he does not get sick easily. ...
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