Pancreatic insufficiency
My son was diagnosed with CF 10 years ago. He is now 19 years old and he is doing well, without any major problems. Not long ago he started complaining about belly aches after meals, he has loose stools every morning and once a week morning diarrhea. He is not on pancreatic enzymes, because the ...
Pancreatic Insufficiency
Hello, My 14 months old CF daughter was diagnosed one month after her birth: DF508 and G3272-26A mutations. After her birth, she was 237 for fecal elastase, which means she was "pancreatic sufficient." In her annual report last month (14 months old), the fecal elastase showed a rate of 167. ...
Substitution of vitamins
Hello dear expert team, at the moment one can read in the press, that vitamin tablets respectively antioxidants could have a damaging effect, especially in cancer patients. I (CF patient, female, 38) ask myself, if I should go on taking my vitamin tablets. Could there be a connection between the ...
DIOS in a toddler
Hello, the bowel of my one-year-old son has been purged 2 months ago. DIOS (distal intestinal obstruction syndrome) has been suspected. The physicians said that it would not occur at that age and that is was very unusual. He has had projectile voimting of his meals for several weeks and in the ...
Omega 3
Hello, do you think that omega 3 could play a role on lung inflammation in cystic fibrosis?
Hello is Creon® effective if it's taken during the meal (because it's difficult to gauge the quantity of food which will be consumed by a young child, so could we give one Creon® at the beginning and then a second during the meal if the appetite is there)? And in case of forgetting, is taking ...
Kalydeco® and salt supplementation
Hello, In case of scorching heat salt supplementation is recommended for all CF patients. But what about for patients on Kalydeco®? Because their sweat normalizes, so we can assume that salt losses are less ...
Hello, For several years, press reports echo of some dangerousness of the UVESTEROL® (it seems full of dubious excipients). But this vitamin synthesis is prescribed for CF patients. Are these rumors true?Is it a question of dosage? Is it necessary to give uvesterol® ADEC to a pancreatic ...
MRSA baby
Course: Our baby has had strong cough at the age of 5 months. By doing a blood cell count, an inflammation has been diagnosed in the body. He got antibiotics and after 4 days the cough went away. About 5 weeks later, he got strong diarrhea. After a week the pediatrician did a stool investigation. ...
Dietary supplement
Hello, I was told about dietary supplements (Reliv) that would improve the overall condition in CF; before I start I would like to know if it was known and recommended? Thank you
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