Pancreatic sufficiency
Hello, My 7 month old baby has CF (26AG and G542X mutations), it is currently pancreatic sufficient. If it lasts over time, from what age on can we expect him to be pancreatic insufficient and it will remain for life? thank you
I am a maternity nurse and wants to know if a mother with a CF baby can do breastfeeding.
Hello, Could you, please, talk about the use of P√©riactine to increase appetite and thus weight. I know that some patients use it but our CF center doesn't seem to know it. I wondered whether studies have been conducted on this medicine or if it's rather used in a isolated way. Thank you very ...
cystic fibrosis and celiac disease
Hello, I was diagnosed to have celiac disease, I have no particular symptoms and I would like to know the benefit / risk of a strict gluten diet in relation to CF? What are the risks of not permanently being absent from gluten?
Hello, I am an adult CF patient. The lung problems have always been not too severe, but I have always had problems with digestion, that manifest in an always severely distended abdomen. Now I have, since the beginning of the year, just left out the enzyme substitution completely (before about ...
Food supplements
Dear experts, Our son is two years old, is very pancreatic insufficient however otherwise one does not notice anything (yet). We are very faithful in following the conventional medicine therapy, and we will pursue it in any case like recommended. Now we ask ourselves, if we could do probably ...
Meaning of MCT oil (Medium Chain Triglyceride)
Hello, I discovered the existence of these oils by chance, educating me on the composition of coconut oil that I often use. I was challenged, of course, by mentioning their interest in the context of poor absorption of lipids and thus of cystic fibrosis. But, in addition, some manufacturer ...
Ghrelin (a hormone of appetite)
Hello, I am a mother of a CF little boy who has trouble eating enough, because of a lack of appetite. I know you've already talked about this and that the factors are numerous, but I also wanted to know whether the role of ghrelin was studied in cystic fibrosis. Is it the same concentration in ...
Vitamins and nutritional supplement
Hello, our child tends to an ADHD like behaviour. Often exceedingly restless, impatient etc., in many questionnaires about ADHD a diagnose has been assured. We have been at two specialists, one diagnosed undoubtly an ADHD, the other disclaimed... Because of the illness of CF I prefer the ...
Hello, my son 5.5 years does not gain weight, he even lost (300g) at his last visit to the CF Center, if he doesn't gain weight, he will be back in hospital! I wonder if there are books with high-caloric recipes or links where I could find this kind of recipes. I have looked for it in the net but I ...
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