Hello, I would be interested in your opinion about the enzyme therapy of our pancreatic insufficient son. He gets Kreon® in a dosage of 4000 untis per gram fat. However, he has often fat in the stool and gains weight awfully bad. How high can the dosage of Kreon® be? Would it make sense to ...
mutation delF508 / R553X
My son (8 years old) suffers for years from gastrointestinal problems. For him as a CF patient, lung problems are not the main focus. He has already had an ileus 2 times (as a consequence resection of 50 cm of the gut), furthermore an exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, an enlargement of the spleen ...
Manuka Honey
I have read a paper explaining that Manuka honey could not work in CF patients because it can not be inhaled and when taken orally, it would not reach the lung. I am not scientist, hence perpaps this is a silly question, but why can manuka honey not reach the lung when taken orally, but oral ...
nutrition in infant with cf
Dear doctors, my 4 months old daughter had been recently diagnosed with cf. Sheis pancreatic insufficient, as diagnosed by her doctor. Kindly advise on the following: 1. her stools are still very loose, fatty and smelly regardless she takes pancreatic enzymes with every meal. Since ...
Pancreatic insufficiency without steatorrhea or other symptom
Hello, my child was recently diagnosed with CF and pancreatic insufficiency (pancreatase < 50) at age 12. He used to exhibit the symptoms described for pancreatic insufficiency (fatty and many stools, smelly flatulence, tummy aches etc) to some degree until four years ago, but upon regular ...
Strongly increased fat excretion of our son (4y)
Dear expert team, in the frame of two stool fat collections an increased excretion of fat (up to 45%) has been diagnosed. More than one year ago, this value was however much lower. We ask ourselves, if such a deterioration is "normal". Our son "chews" the Kreon always 2-3 times, before he ...
Anal prolapse
Dear expert team, our daughter has CF and takes Kreon at hear meals! She has frequently an anal prolapse when having bowel movements (we have been told that this would be normal in CF and not serious, if it involutes spontaneously) - which is the case. She is otherwise not taking anything else ...
Fat Diet
Hello, I am mother of a little boy with Cystic Fibrosis. I was just wondering if eating so fat could not be bad for his health. Indeed, to date there are only a few adults with cystic fibrosis so they are not affected by cholesterol, clogged arteries ... (what happens when you eat too much ...
Linaclotid in case of DIOS, recurrent subileus + addendum to linaclotid question
Original question "Linaclotid in case of DIOS, recurrent subileus etc" from 26.11.13 ----------------------------- Dear expert team, I (47, CF) have been prescribed today linaclotid from a specialized center for gastro-enterology, as I frequently suffer from DIOS, recurrent conditions of ...
Delical® (food supplements for enrichment in calories and/or proteins)
Hello I' ashamed to ask this question but I really thought I had another box. Actually, no: I will be not able to give him today [his food supplements] because it's sunday. Is it serious??? Expected response. I feel bad for my neglect, but I was so sure! cordially
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