Getting pregnant with CF -2-
Hello, 1. I would like to know, since you keep hearing different things about this, whether it is true that women with CF show a decline in lung function which they cannot recover due to a pregnancy. 2. Which type of sports should one do during pregnancy and how often in order to keep the lungs ...
Hello, I had a son diagnosed with CF (homozygot delta F508). If we decide to have another child, will the amniocentesis test all the chromosomes or just the chromosome responsible for CF. Is it possible that we, the parents, might have other mutations besides deltaF508? How many mutations exist in ...
Becoming a father with Cystic Fibrosis
Dear expert team, My boyfriend has cystic fibrosis. F508 homozygous. We would love to have a baby. A gene test showed that I am not a carrier. My boyfriend has had his semen tested by a urologist twice, and both times it was very little and no sperms were detectable. My question: can I stop ...
IVF and Cystic Fibrosis
Dear expert team, I have had cystic fibrosis and diabetes for 29 years, and also chronic staphylococcus colonization (no MRSA). Since my husband and I cannot have children, we chose the path of artificial insemination (in vitro fertilizatin, IVF). Before the hormone treatment I had ...
Cystic fibrosis and estrogen
My doctor suggested I take an oral contraceptive containing estrogen and progesterone to treat a rebel acne. Is it contraindicated to take estrogen and progesterone whith cystic fibrosis? Is there an increased risk of diabetes? Thank you
Getting pregnant, advice needed urgently
Hello, I have been trying to find an answer to my question in this forum, but the problem seems to be different for everyone. I am about 22 years old and had surgery for intestinal obstruction at three days, right after my birth. My course was actually ok, until I simply stopped inhalation ...
delta F508 and R1070W
My boy 3yo has been diagnosed with CF heterosigotus of delta F508 (7T-9T polimorfism) and R1070W (in exon 17b). This mutation R1070W alters an arginine into a tryptophane on amino acid position 1070 of the resulting protein (p.Arg1070Trp). He never had pulmonary infections and is pancreatic ...
Possible Pregnancy, CF and IVF
We have tried IVF and we are at a very early stage. Unfortunately I did not manage to do any testing for CF. I am now gathering information about it. I would like to know (if we get positive results about the pregnancy) when and how I can find out if the embryo is a carrier and if there is any ...
Carrier couple and pregancy_2
We are a couple, both of us carriers of CF mutations (Leu732x & DF508). The results of the amniocentesis (at 17 weeks of gestation) showed that the embryo will have CF. How grave is the combination of these two mutations for the life expectancy of the embryo and the course of the disease?
Carrier couple and pregancy_1
I am a carrier of the Leu732x CF mutation and my husband carries the DF508 one after being tested for 95% of mutations. The amniocentesis was positive for CF in the embryo and the pregnancy (normal conception) was terminated. All test were done at Horemion Laboratory. How severe would have been the ...
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