Pregnancy and CF
I want to ask whether a person with CF can deliver a healthy child, and what is the percentage of success to get pregnant in CF women. Thank you!
Sexual problems
My nephew is 18 and he suffers from CF. He doesn´t want to live and we think that he has problems with his girlfriend. I don´t know how to approach this problem and ask him. Is there a possibility that he has sexual problems?
Having children while being a person with CF
If one is affected with CF can one have normal children ?
Is it true that a person with cystic fibrosis may be sterile?
cystic fibrosis
The genetic tests, which we've done both did not find any mutation for cystic fibrosis, although our child died because of this disease; was only detected 7T polymorphism both of us. We want a healthy baby, what we have to do?
CF mutation
Hello, I am 31 years old. In line with a clarification test if I am fertile or not a genetic analysis was done. Result: Evidence of the mutation f508del and r117h heterozygous. Suspicion of CBAVD [Congenital Bilateral Absence of the Vas Deferens]. Testicular biopsy in a few days. 1) ...
Chorionic villus sampling (CVS)
Hello! My husband and I have a daughter with CF (mutation d508 and g551x). Now we are thinking about having another child. Which prenatal diagnosis is available? I read about chorionic villus sampling (CVS). Is CVS done or first an amniocentese? Can this sampling really be performed in ...
Lack of hormones in case of CF
Dear expert team, is there already any knowledge/experience with female CF patients older than 35. years concerning the production of hormones resp. a lack of hormones, which is caused by the lacking or impaired function of glands in case of CF? Many thanks for your effort, Yours sincerely,
How high is the risk of CF-pregnancy?
I am pregnant and the 3rd child of the cousin of my husband has now CF (both children before have also the gene but are not ill). I am now very afraid that my child has that, too. What can I do? My first child has nothing and in our family there is nothing known about disability or inheritable ...
Prenatal diagnosis
I would like to know whether CF can already be diagnosed when the mother is still pregnant.
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