I would like to know whether CF can already be diagnosed when the mother is still pregnant.
Can CF be diagnosed during pregnancy?
Echgenic bowel in fetus
My sister-in-law is pregnant and during an ultrasound testing the fetus was found with echogenic bowel. She got a dna testing and was found to be a carrier of a rare greek CF mutation. My brother went urgently for a dna testing to determine if he is a carrier as well. Does the echogenic bowel ...
Mutation F508del
Good evening, I am 38 years old and 6 months pregnant in my second child. After the amniocentesis the fetus was found to carry at one gene (heterozygote) the F508del mutation. Our first child – 5 years old – does not have any symptoms. Is there any danger for the fetus? Thank you,  ...
Hello I was wondering is it possible to be fertile up to a certain age i.e 26 with CF, It's just i've noticed my sperm is different lately compared to the way it was before. Also is there many CF males able to have children naturally? Thank you. Mark
cystic fibrosis and menopause
Hello, I was diagnosed at 50 years old with the G551D and Q1476X mutations. I had an early menopause at age 26. Is-it related to cystic fibrosis? Thank you for your reply.
Is pregnancy possible with cystic fibrosis ?
I'm 28 years-old and I would libe to become mother but I have cystic fibrosis. I know that each case is unique but I would like to know the general recommandations to start a pregnancy with cystic fibrosis : cut-off value of respiratory function and... What are the precautions to take for ...
Getting pregnant with CF
Hello, I want to know, how it is with pregnancies. I am afraid that I cannot get pregnant. I know some women, who have a child and they are doing much worse than I do. However, the fear is always there. I have stopped the pill last month, and I am waiting for the next menstruation that I can ...
genetic testing
My partner was previously tested for cystic fibrosis. My partner doesn’t seem to have CF. Now we would like to have children but we wonder if (especially my partner) needs to have a genetic test done. His grandmother carries a CF gene. I have doubts because my partner was tested previously.
I have two sons. We recently found out that they both have a mild form of CF. They have never been ill. My eldest son wanted children and now it seems as if he doesn’t have semen in his body. Also operatively it was impossible to obtain sperm cells. He will thus never have a child of his own. ...
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