Paternity and CF
Hello, In most articles about artificial insemination in CF it is written that methods used are in vitro fertilisation (IVF) or even more likely intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). What about intra-uterine insemination (IUI)? Is this method not feasible for men with CF? Many thanks.
I underwent DNA testing and F508del/IVS8-5T+(TG)12 mutations was detected, which was probably a direct cause of azoospermia caused by CBAVD. Beside "the lack of seminal vesicles and distal parts of spermatic ducts, which were not visualized in USG", there are no clinical symptoms of the disease. ...
Pregnancy and cortisone
Hello, I am im my 33rd week of pregnancy and have a 5-year-old daughter with CF. We did not check whether our unborn child has CF too. I have been given Urbason® (Methylprednisolone) intravenously (60 mg) and have to take Deltacortene® (Prednisone) for three days due to allergic asthma. ...
Dear expert team, My daughter (19 years) who has CF was diagnosed by the gynecologist with a „polypoid alteration” at the cervix. Subsequently, my daughter was sent to the hospital for tissue collection in order to exclude a malignant alteration (the gynecologist was not able to classify the ...
Do man and women with CF have normal fertility ?
Relationship between persons with CF
Hello, I am a male patient with CF. I am 20 years old and me and another CF patient [female] like each other as friends for a very long time because we understand each other very well having the same disease. I would like to know what has to be done in a relationship with another CF patient ...
prenatal testing
When I was a pregnant mother of a 2-year-old CF child I underwent in Warsaw in a year 2000 prenatal testing, which revealed the presence of delF508 mutation (it was a sample of trophoblast) in one of the allels - carrier state. After birth the child underwent screening tests toward CF - the result ...
I am in the 6th month of my second pregnancy and I just found out that my husband is a carrier of the CF gene. My first child has now shown any symptoms and I believe it is healthy. Should I be tested for CF, or should I let things run their course, since my pregnancy is advanced and my first child ...
ΔF 508
Hello. After having an amniocentesis during my first pregnancy we discovered by chance that the fetus was a carrier of the DF508 CF mutation. We do not know which one of us is the carrier. I am pregnant now in my second child. My question is should we have testing for this mutation only, or for all ...
Gene test prior to a potential pregnancy
Hello. I am a CF patient. My wife is healthy. We are thinking thoroughly about having a child. Can my wife get tested prior to the pregnancy to see if she carries the CF gene? Where are such tests offered, who pays for it (my wife has statutory health insurance, I am with private insurance). How ...
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