CF and the desire to have children
Dear expert team, I will turn 28 in November, am 1.70m tall, and weigh 45kg. My FEV1 has been stable at 52% for the past 15 years. CF has not been proven genetically but was diagnosed symptomatically. My fiancé is fit as a fiddle except for a thyroid dysfunction. We have good family support at ...
Corrector- and Potentiator-drugs and male fertility
Dear expert team, do correctors and potentiators such as VX 809 and VX 770 influence presumably the male fertility in case of delta F508 being positive? I do not expect a binding answer - assumably there will be no tests available at the moment - only if these new drugs could have theoretically ...
My former girlfriend told me that she was pregnant but that the “child” died because of her medication for CF. I don’t believe her because I haven’t heard about something like that. Most people around me think that this story is very vague. Can you help me understand this?
Genetic screening
We have a five year old daughter with CF. 3 years ago my wife got pregnant but she had an abortion because the fetus was diagnosed with CF. Which procedure should we follow in order to have a child without CF?
Cystic fibrosis death and IVF
Two years ago my sister died from CF. I would like to know if the fact that she was conceived through IVF mattered.
Hello, I want to ask - I am 16 [we assume that the questioner is male, comment from the coordinator] and I have CF and I want to ask...fertilization how should I know
Pregnancy with CF
Dear expert team, many thanks for your numerous helpful clues you have already given! Especially I want to confirm your assumption, that oral mucolytics (e.g. acetylcysteine) could have a negative influence in case of wishing to have a baby: in december, after many years of (almost) continous ...
CF excluded but a mutation R117H
Dear ladies and gentlemen, I am 33 years old with CF, my daughter is 7 years old with CF and my son is 14 years old. To him, a CF had been excluded via potential difference/ molecular genetic / sweat test in two different hospitals. But my son ought to be affected by a not-known mutation and he ...
My daughter has CF Delta F508. Because I have reduced fertility we went to a infertility clinic. Eventually after 10 trials 1 sperm cell was brought into an egg cell and my daughter was born from this. I myself have many physical problems such as nasal polyps, lots of problems with my joints and ...
Dear expert team, I am male and 29 years old. At the moment, I concern myself about the thought of a child. Could you tell me how the chances are and if it is possible for a male to have children, as they say that men with CF are in general sterile. How is the procedure passing with in-vitro ...
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