Calories from gummy bears?
Hello, CF patients are told to eat more calories, so far so simple. Does it play a role in which way I take the calories, via wholefood/ bio wholefood according to Dr. Bruker, via fast food from McDonalds or via much malt drinks, gummy bears and soft cheese? Best regards and many thanks for ...
Calory need in case of normal lung function
Dear expert team, does a CF patient with a normal lung function (same values as a healthy person) have the same caloric requirement of 150% as a severly ill CF patient? It does not seem logical to me, as the breathing work in case of patients with a normal lung function is markedly lower. ...
My 13-year-old daughter has recently been examined several times because CF was suspected. She had a lot of lung infections with Pseudomonas etc. Shortly after her birth CF was also suspected (or Hirschsprung) because she did not release the meconium. After her birth she stayed 1,5 days in ...
Hello, We are from Bulgaria and there are no CF centers. I would like to ask a question about the intake of combination drug preparations, for example AQADEKs. As in the country different things are recommended. Shall I accept?
Malnutrition and cystic fibrosis
I am a 45 year-old adult with cystic fibrosis since birth. My weight has always fluctuated between 39 and 42 kg since my teens. Since 1993 I am diabetic and treated with insulin; I have been losing weight for 2 years. With bags of Clinomel® [parenteral feeding soultion] for 1 year, I have gained ...
Is it possible to use Nortase® in case of a known ABPA and CF? If not, are there alternative preparations? The normal pancreatic enzymes are already given in a very high dosage and seem not to be sufficient, omeprazole is already taken for a longer time. Thank you.
Removal of the gallbladder and digestion of fat
Hello, I have the following question: in case of a CF patient with a high need of pancreatic enzymes (and in spite of this frequent fatty stools) the gallbladder should be removed because of gall stones. Would this in addition even more restrict the digestion of fat (he is already very ...
Hello, I would like to know why some CF centers do not encourage the breast feeding of the CF babies and propose systematically an enriched milk, while we know the benefits of the maternal milk?
Kreon® dosage
Dear experts, I have a 4 year and 9 months-old boy diagnosed last year in October 2012 with cystic fibrosis, after he had two sweat tests, the first with the value 98 and the second 58. The sweat test was done because the child had chronic diarrhea for about a year. As a treatment we currently ...
Dosage of Kreon and side effects
My daughter is 5 years old and suffers from CF. She takes 2500 IU of Kreon per gram fat. We have the impression, that it has become insufficient. She has always a bloated belly, complains lately regularly about abdominal pain. She has fatty stools rarely, however sometimes up to 5 times a day. We ...
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