Ecologic swimming pool
Is it safe to swim in an ecologic swimming pool concerning CF?
Potting plants
Dear expert team, My daughter has CF and is 4 years old. We want to pot plants in huge pots. I thought my daughter might help with that, however she shoud wear a mask. Is it really necessary? How high is the risk that she aquires problematic germs like fungi, Burkholderia cepacia.., when potting ...
Visit Tropical Greenhouse Zoo
Hello, Our family will soon be visiting the Beauval Zoo. We wonder if it's possible for our 3-year-old CF son to visit the greenhouses to see the crocodiles and the other tropical animals. The greenhouses look great and there is an air filtration system, but this remains a very humid ...
School trip
Hello I have an 8-year-old CF daughter and the teacher told me about a "green class" (school trip) project for next spring for a week. I wonder how I could allow my child to participate in this trip due to the absence of inhalation and physiotherapist sessions during those 5 days. Could you ...
Hello dear expert team, My grandson who is living in France (2.5 years old, CF) is very well followed up in the CF center in Lille and he is doing really find---he thrives very well. He is very active, has three times a week physiotherapy and does not show any lung symptoms. He did not have ...
Hello, Are there any contraindications for a CF patient to do paragliding? Thank you
Private swimming pool
Dear expert, We are Belgians living in Portugal. Our son is 18 months old and has CF. What is your opinion about CF and a private pool (not with friends but one which we maintain ourselves)? Is a pool with saltwater preferable (partly chlorine) or one with only chlorine? Or do you recommend ...
Sailing school discovery
Hello, our 8-year old CF son will go in May with his class for a discovery sailing trip on Lake Thau, near Sète (France). The problem is that they will sail with little "optimistic" on the lake and not on the sea. The CF Center has not banned but said that it was not the ideal destination. From ...
Cleaning of a flute
My daughter is 7 years old, has CF and is learning to play the flute at the moment. The flute is made of wood, the upper part is made of synthetic material. What do we have to take into account concerning cleaning??? Is wiping of the outside enough, should one rinse the synthetic part and let it ...
Pseudomonas at the beach
Hello, Are there any studies about the contamination of beaches of different European coast regions with Pseudomonas? Is, for example, the beach at the North Sea less contaminated with Pseudomonas than a Mediterranean or an Atlantic beach? We ask this, because we want to have the lowest ...
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