Recommendations for vaccination in case of lung transplantation
Dear expert team, I have a question about recommendations for Corona vaccination in case of transplantation. Transplanted patients are treated with immunosuppressive drugs, in oder to avoid organ rejection. After vaccination, there should be a reaction of the immune system, however I think this ...
Vaccination against Pseudomonas
Dear ladies and gentlemen, are there any vaccinations available against Pseudomonas aeruginosa in CF patients?
Research Pseudomonas
Dear expert team, our daughter (10 J) is positive for Pseudomonas. The usual therapies have been initiated. I came across an article, that reports about a vaccination against Pseudomonas: Is that serious and how ...
Pseudomonas Vaccine
Could you give me some news regarding a vaccine against Pseudomonas. A clinical trial was ongoing and had to end on 2015 (I read this on a posted question)
Influenza vaccination for a one-year-old child with deltaF508
Hello, our one-year-old daughter is at the moment vaccinated with living viruses against measles, rubella and varicella etc. Would it be advisable to have a flu vaccination done at the same time? Many thanks for your answer.
Nasal influenza vaccination
Hello, I would like to have the influenza vaccination done to my 10-year-old son with CF, like every year. The nasal vaccination has been recommended to me by a pediatric pulmonologist, due to a better efficacy. As my son does not like syringes at all, I would like to know, if the nasal ...
Influenza vaccination
Hello I have a 3y little boy with cystic fibrosis who must be vaccinated against influenza. He has a runny nose right now. Can he be vaccinated despite that? Thank you for your answer. Best regards
Influenza vaccine
Hello, I am a single mother of a CF little boy (3 years old). I wanted to know if the new spouse of the father of my child and her daughter also have to be vaccinated against influenza because his father will benefit from joint custody every 2 weeks. And what about my own new husband?
Vaccination against Pseudomonas?
Hello, is there any research concerning a vaccination against Pseudomonas? Could daily anti-bacterial mouth washings help to avoid a colonization with Pseudomonas? Many thanks!
Vaccination against pneumococci / measles
Dear expert team, according to the acutal STIKO-recommendations (permanent vaccination commission of the German Robert-Koch institute) children and adults with a special risk (e.g. CF) should get a pneumococcal vaccination. I am a CF patient (52y) with permanent antibiotic therapy with ...
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