Can a Cf patient have rabbits at home? Or should we keep them outside? My friend is a CF patient. Thank you
pets- rabbits
My friend has CF. We would like to have a rabbit as pet. Is this allowed? We prefer a cage in the house, that we clean daily. Thank you,
Dog after transplantation in bed?
Hello, can our dog sleep in our bed after lung transplantation? Which would be the risk, because fungi, bacteria etc. are already spread all over the appartment as the dog lives there... Many thanks
Dear expert team, a CF patient loves to go walking in the park with her dog. The question came up, if Pseudomonas can be transmitted from the dog's hair when the dog is running through mud an puddles.... Many thanks, for your help
CF in animals
Can animals also suffer from CF or can this disease only occur in humans?
Hygiene rules for dogs in rental apartments
Hello, I am a 22-year-old CF patient and I am thinking about having a dog together with my boyfriend after my studies. I know, that I will not always be able to care for it due to my illness. My boyfriend would then take care completely of the dog in such times. However I am worried if hygiene in ...
ABPA and horse riding
Dear expert team, I am 29 years old and suffer from CF with a quite stable FEV1 value of 65%. In the last years, there was two times the suspicion of ABPA, as I had dyspnea, but no antibiotic helped. The blood values were never really clear, but since then I take 5mg cortisone daily, have ...
Snake and CF
Hello , My 11 years old CF daughter has a heated terrarium in her room with a spot that contains a snake. The litter is purchased in a petshop and there's inside a container with water regularly changed. What is the risk for her to have Pseudomonas aeruginosa? Knowing she would not put her nose ...
Riding/horses hygiene
Hello, my daughter wants to take riding lessons. My question is, if she is allowed to ride also in the riding hall or it this rather risky? And what about going into the stable to the horses? Is this a risk, too? Would a face mask be helpful? Best regards,
Handling of pets
Dear expert team, my son (14 months old) suffers from CF. My in-laws, who are also our direct neighbours, have many animals (a dog, a cat, chicken, rabbits and sheep). My son is really crazy about the animals, but I am very insecure, in how far I shall allow the contact with the animals regarding ...
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