MRSA and child
Hello, I am 38 years old and suffer from CF. At the beginning of december we expect with my wife our first child. Unfortunately, MRSA has been detected again and again in my throat, at the last investigation, it could not be found. I am a bit worried, therefore I would like to get your advice: ...
CF child with contact in school to MRSA-colonized child
Are there any concerns about teaching a CF child together with a child, who is colonized in the nose-throat area with MRSA (a new trial of eradication is not planned) in a class with only few pupils (special school)?
Staphylococcus aureus
Hello, My daughter (5 years old) has CF. The last sputum exam shows Staphylococcus aureus infection (2 strains). She is under antibiotic treatment for 14 days. We have to stay 10 days with my father who is suffering from cancer and undergoing chemotherapy. I wanted to know if it would be ...
Hello At birth my baby boy has been colonized with MRSA in motherhood. After antibiotic treatment for 1,5 months, no trace of this staphylococcus was found in these monthly microbacterial sputum. Today, at the age of 13 months, he has this time a sensitive staphylococcus to antibiotics. I ...
Staphylococcus (MRSA)
Hello, My 8-month-old son carries a resisting staphylococcus in his lungs. Is there a risk that one day this bacterium "moves" and affects others organs or that it becomes a "generalized" infection? If he has a wound for example. Furthermore, is it dangerous for the others to go with him ...
MRSA baby
Course: Our baby has had strong cough at the age of 5 months. By doing a blood cell count, an inflammation has been diagnosed in the body. He got antibiotics and after 4 days the cough went away. About 5 weeks later, he got strong diarrhea. After a week the pediatrician did a stool investigation. ...
MRSA and contact with HIV patients
Hello, I have recently made friends with an HIV positive person and I myself am a CF patient chronically colonized with MRSA. How great is the risk for the HIV patient and which measures do you recommend in order to minimize it? Best regards,
Is it true that an MRSA encapsulation would most likely be located in the weakest part of one's body? My husband had a back injury back in 2007. In 2009 he got MRSA, probably from a cut on the leg. The leg got infected and soon after he developed lots of inflammation and fever and pain in the back. ...
MRSA protection measures as care staff
Hello, I work at a care home and have also contact to MRSA infected patients. The hygienic standards for dealing with MRSA are admittedly respected by me, however in spite of this I like to do the best I can, in order to avoid a transmission to me and in the end to my child suffering from CF. ...
The qestion about MRSA to Dr Deirdre Gilpin
The qestion about MRSA to Dr Deirdre Gilpin As i read MRSA doesnt trasmit throu air- it only hapen when person has lung disaes MRSA is usually not spread through the air like the common cold or flu virus, unless a person has MRSA pneumonia and is ...
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