Candida glabrata
Dear ladies and gentlemen, Candida glabrata has been found for the first time in my airway secretions (CF, 48 years old, female, FEV1 54%, MRGN3/4). I found a study from the university of Tuebingen, Germany from 2016 that drew the conclusion that a chronic or intermittend colonization can lead to ...
Candida auris in the sputum
Dear expert team, if there is Candida auris found in the sputum for the first time, should one react to that? What would you propose concering diagnostic and therapy?
Stenotrophomonas maltophilia
Dear expert team! this germ can be found in the samples of my son for a longer period of time. Does it make sense to treat? Many thanks
Germ load of the Baltic sea
Dear expert team, many pulic institutions warn about dangerous germs in the Baltic sea (Vibrio vulnificus). Patients with immunosupression and patients with underlying diseases should not bath in the Baltic sea. Is there a danger for children with CF (not-transplanted) and would you dehort from ...
Actinomyces odontolyticus
Hello, the above mentioned germ has been found in the sputum, the throat swab was free of it. Should a treatment be initiated? Best regards,
B. Dolosa
If two siblings have CF and B. dolosa and one of them is getting a lung transplantation, is there a risk for the sibling who had a transplantation because of B. dolosa and the other sibling who had no transplantation? Are there any research results, we could get information from? Many thanks
Kluyvera ascorbata in the sputum
Hello, in my last sputum sample there were besides Staphlococcus aureus and Aspergillus fumigatus the above mentioned bacteria. My treating physician thinks that waiting would be the right decision, until the next sputum sample. The symptoms I have did not change. I never heard anything about ...
PA MRGN 3/4 dealing with other people in everyday life
Dear expert team, I suffer from CF with the above mentioned germ. How to deal that status, if I am in public places? Concrete: can I visit a public swimming pool? Should I advise friends (non-CF/ "healthy") to protect themselves in case of visits at home, for some hours or overnight? Should one / ...
Segniliparus rugosus infection of the lung
Is there any experience with the treatment of Segniliparus rugosus? Many thanks. Regards, B.K. [name shortened by ecorn CF]
Potting plants
Dear expert team, My daughter has CF and is 4 years old. We want to pot plants in huge pots. I thought my daughter might help with that, however she shoud wear a mask. Is it really necessary? How high is the risk that she aquires problematic germs like fungi, Burkholderia cepacia.., when potting ...
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