EMS training, increased CK value and other side effects
Dear expert team, due to back ache, I think about beginning an EMS-Training (=electro-myo-stimuation). I am female, 50 years old, suffer from CF, my FEV1 value is 65% and I take Kaftrio. During the physiotherapist was taking my story (I told freely all details of my illness), she got more and ...
Hello dear expert team, My grandson who is living in France (2.5 years old, CF) is very well followed up in the CF center in Lille and he is doing really find---he thrives very well. He is very active, has three times a week physiotherapy and does not show any lung symptoms. He did not have ...
Hello, Are there any contraindications for a CF patient to do paragliding? Thank you
Pregnancy and CF
Hello, I have an urgent question. I am 26-years-old and weigh 54kg. I only inhale with hypertonic saline 6% 2-3 times a day and use salbutamol spray 2 times a day. Additionally, I take Kreon. I got pregnant with the permission of my CF physician via in-vitro fertilization. My lung function was ...
ABPA and horse riding
Dear expert team, I am 29 years old and suffer from CF with a quite stable FEV1 value of 65%. In the last years, there was two times the suspicion of ABPA, as I had dyspnea, but no antibiotic helped. The blood values were never really clear, but since then I take 5mg cortisone daily, have ...
Electromyostimulation training (EMS)
Dear ladies and gentlemen, Is it sensible for CF patients to do in addition to an endurance training an electromyostimulation training (EMS)? I got this hint because of my problems with my spinal discs (I suffer from CF, have problems in the cervical and lumbal spine as well as rheuma). Many ...
Running dehorted
Hello, my son (25,CF) has been told from his CF center, running would not be the best sport for CF patients - as the pelvic diaphragm would be overloaded, as it would already be exposed to a high burden because of coughing. Otherwise on hears however about the success for the lung function of ...
Transmission of Pseudomonas possible while jumping on the trampoline?
Hello, my daughter is 7 years old, suffers from CF and since the beginning of the year we fight with Pseudomonas, still hoping to be able to erdicate it again. Now my daughter does trampoline jumping in a sports club for a short period of time. At the last time it came out, that for 30 minutes, ...
Hello, My 6-year-old daughter wishes to practice judo. Is this activity advised because there are closer contacts closer with other children (who can potentially be sick, in particular the winter) and because of the environment (door: often closed, not much air)? Thank you in advance,
Sport test
Hello, what does the sport test include in the frame of the year-check of CF patients? Is it the 6-minutes-walking test respecitvely running test? Or are there any further "exercises"? And what is there measured in detail? Thank you
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