Timeframe for influencing the biological processes in the lung
Dear Ecorn-CF team, in this article it says: "Also for the treatment of CF the study gives an important hint: while treatment of older CF-patients is only possible to a small extent, there is obviously a timeframe in smaller children, in order to influence ...
parameters lung function test
Thank you for telling me what the following parameters mean: Fvc Fev1 Fef75
Shisha bar and having a joint
Dear expert team, many of my friends visit shisha bars. Would smoking with them be harmful for me? It is only water steam and only few tobacco. This is certainly not so dangerous as cigarette smoking? Having a joint , for example, should also relax the airways. Is having a joint better than ...
Looking for mucolytic drug
For a short period of time, I cannot get the oral mycolytic drug ambroxol anymore, that I took for the last 30 years with success. Therefore I am looking for a new oral mucolytic drug. Do you have a recommendation which one to choose? F. 45 years old
Flight travel with haemoptysis
Dear expert team, I have a stable CF with a vital capacity of 95%, FEV1 of about 80% and PEF about 80%. CRP 1. No infections in the last 3 years. Stable weight of 70kg/1,71. Since a short period of time I have a bit blood in the sputum. A few days ago, after I ran to the busstop, I realized more ...
Sucking off mucus
In the Czech Republic, it is common, to suck off mucus in children, who are still too small to cough up their mucus themselves. I read this in the internet. Our CF center did not talk about this once. My son is 14 months old, we inhale 3 times a day with 3% saline solution plus 3 drops salbutamol. ...
Lung produces since recently extremely much mucus, why?
Dear expert team, my brother, my sister and me, we suffer from CF. Unfortunately the condition of my brother worsened extremely in the last 4 weeks. The reason is until now not really clear. He got 5 weeks ago ORKAMBI as a new drug. Unfortunately it seems that at the same time a pneumonia came ...
Hello, what are the symptoms of sputum in a baby? Best regards
CF and scoliosis
My 13-year-old daughter has a scoliosis of over 40 degrees. It is probable, that the bending is getting worse the coming year. Is it a disadvantage if the spine is not operated (conerning the lung function)?
Coughing blood
What to do if suddenly much blood is coming out when coughing?
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