Circulatory breakdown after rinsing of port-a-cath
Hello! As my veins are not good and I have many events of blood taking, I got a porth-a-cath. Half an hour later, I get extreme seizures. I have to stretch me and to yawn all the time. I get a headache and I am cold from the inside of me. Also I am bit confused then. However only a bit. Why does ...
Port explantation
Dear experts, After 16 years my port was explanted for I did not need it for IV’s since 5 years any more. I decided to do this because I have optical problems and could not rinse it myself anymore as I had done it all the years before. This would have to be done in the hospital from time to ...
Implantable Venous Access Device (IVAD) and sports
Hello Are some sports contra-indicated for patients who have an IVAD? I have a patient who has just an IVAD and plays badminton? Can I advise him to pursue the sport despite the catheter? Thank you in advance
Placing i.v. lines in children
Which possibilities are there to place an i.v. line less painful (child, 8 years old, great fear, needs an infusion 3 times a day for 14 days)?
Is there someone who focusses on finding access to vascular system after some veins have been blocked and portocath needs to be replaced
Maintenance of portacath
Hello, What are the recommendations for maintaining a portacath in order to keep its effectiveness? Are there any care practices to use between antibiotic cures? Thank you for your answers. Sincerely, a patient with cystic fibrosis.
Home i.v. - peripheral venous catheter or butterfly
Dear ladies and gentlemen, I have just had a home i.v. therapy. As this has been my first i.v. therapy, I have been stayed 2.5 of the 14 days in hospital, the rest of the time at home. The infusion of daily 3 x 2g meropenem was running over the whole time through a peripheral venous catheter. I ...
Training to perform intravenous antibiotic treatment - traning for care for relatives
My husband has CF. It's more and more difficult to find nurses who agree to stay at home during the time intravenous antibiotics are given. I would like to receive training and be allowed to prepare and perform the intravenous antibiotics. Could you tell me if this kind of training exists and if ...
antibiotic treatment
My CF child has already had 5 Port-A-Caths (PAC), 4 of them were removed because of infectious problems. The last one was really the last one because all his vascular network was totally sclerosed. Unfortunately, this PAC has been moved accidently by his school teacher and it was also removed. ...
Hello, my daughter should get a portacath due to her poor veins. Are there any alternatives to the location near the calvicle as she does not want to have the portacath at the viewing area of the cleavage. And are the possible alternatives as secure resp. not more painful? Many thanks, M.