Is sleeping in a tent allowed for CF patients?
Germ load of the Baltic sea
Dear expert team, many pulic institutions warn about dangerous germs in the Baltic sea (Vibrio vulnificus). Patients with immunosupression and patients with underlying diseases should not bath in the Baltic sea. Is there a danger for children with CF (not-transplanted) and would you dehort from ...
Backpack holiday
I am leaving to Norway by car this summer and I am planning to make a multi-day trip with backpack. What is the best way to sterilize my aerosol ? I have heard of javeltablets but then I have to find a source of fresh water each time. Also, I wonder how to keep pulmozyme permanently below 8 ...
Flight travel with haemoptysis
Dear expert team, I have a stable CF with a vital capacity of 95%, FEV1 of about 80% and PEF about 80%. CRP 1. No infections in the last 3 years. Stable weight of 70kg/1,71. Since a short period of time I have a bit blood in the sputum. A few days ago, after I ran to the busstop, I realized more ...
Round trip through California
Dear expert team, my daughter (19, CF), is chronically colonized with Achromobater and since February 2016 also with atypical Mycobacteria - Mycobacterium avium. This is at the moment treated under complicated circumstances (partly she doesn't tolerate the antibiotics). She will be finishing ...
Flight without pressure cabin in 6200 meters altitude
Dear experts, I am 30 years old, suffer from CF and will go on holiday next summer to Alaska. There I would like to do a scenic flight to Mount Denali. The flight duration is about 2.5 hours and is done in a plane without pressure cabin. One flighs at altitudes of 6200 meters, however one is ...
Travel to Mali
Hello, I am very worried because my husband wishes to take our 1 year-old-daughter to Mali this summer for 1 month. Knowing that they will go to a very remote village without running water (they use water from the well) or electricity. Dad thinks he can manage while she has Tobi aerosols to do ...
Development worker in Senegal
Dear expert team, your son is 22 years old, is studying away from home and thinks about doing a voluntary service for half a year (March to August 2017) in Senegal in Tambacounda via the organistaion "circle of friends Tambacounda Hannover". The accomodation is very simple (no running water, ...
House holidays with short carpet in room
For this summer, we will rent a holiday home. There is tile everywhere except in the rooms where there is short carpet. My wife having cystic fibrosis, should we take special precautions? Cordially
Travel to Africa
Hello, What are the precautions to take on vacation in Africa (Mali) for a 2-months-old CF baby? We have planned bottled water to avoid water from the well and also batteries for the nebulizer. The most annoying for us would be 1) the meals that will not necessarily be enriched in fat and 2) ...
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