Recommendations for vaccination in case of lung transplantation
Dear expert team, I have a question about recommendations for Corona vaccination in case of transplantation. Transplanted patients are treated with immunosuppressive drugs, in oder to avoid organ rejection. After vaccination, there should be a reaction of the immune system, however I think this ...
Trikafta and transplantation
Hello, my son is 20 years old, and is a CF patient with one deltaF508 mutations. Due to his extremly worsened lung function, his CF center recommended to take Trikafta. He got a liver transplant in 2017; this is the reason why he should discuss the take with his CF center. The center, however has ...
Dog after transplantation in bed?
Hello, can our dog sleep in our bed after lung transplantation? Which would be the risk, because fungi, bacteria etc. are already spread all over the appartment as the dog lives there... Many thanks
B. Dolosa
If two siblings have CF and B. dolosa and one of them is getting a lung transplantation, is there a risk for the sibling who had a transplantation because of B. dolosa and the other sibling who had no transplantation? Are there any research results, we could get information from? Many thanks
Family and transplantation
Dear expert team, my husband is just before coming on the lung transplanatation list. We have 2 children (2 and 6 years old). WE have been told, that he cannot come home after transplantation and cannot have contact to his children. I doubt this. What is your opinion? Best regards, C. M.
Lung transplantation / mycobacteria
My niece has CF, now the mycobacterium has been found ... according to the physicians she will get a lung transplantation...however the hospital is refusing to do it because of the mycobakterium. My question, which hospital would take a CF patient with mycobakteria and also do the ...
Treatment recommendation for persistent Pseudomonas/Staphlococci infection
Dear team, I have received a lung transplantation (2010) and suffer from CF. For 6 months, my lung function decreases rapidly and since then, it is constantly low. Antibody tests, bronchoscopy, CT and x-ray had already been done. Only in the bronchoscopy, Pseudomonas and Staphylococci could be ...
Disease post transplantation
Hello, In a transplant patient, the transplanted tissue is healthy but it remains the genetic anomaly, so can the disease again damage his "new" lungs in the long term? Thank you
Mycobacterium abscessus towards double lung transplantation
Dear expert team, a CF patient wrote recently to me, that she could not get a lung transplant because of a colonization with Mycobacterium abscessus with recurrent infections (with sporadic finding of S. maltophilia + recently Pseudallescheria Boydii). I do not find any literature about this. A ...
Fracture of the humerus with osteoporosis (lung transplanted)
[11.01.16 - addendum: on request we got the information: "Dear expert team, I am 51 years old and suffer from CF. Many tanks for the answer to my question. Regards, R. ] Dear expert team, 12 weeks ago, I got an subcapital fracture of the humerus. Now the radiologist stated, that I have a ...
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