CF diabetes sugar replacement
Hello, what is your opinion about the sugar replacement "bio sweetener" - can a patient take it without risks (if he can afford it...)? Thanks
Orkambi and diabetes
Hello, my son takes Orkambi for a short time period. He has CF and diabetes, that is treated with Repaglinide (3 x 0.5mg). Among the drug interactions of Orkambi is is written, that is decreases the effect of Repaglinide. Is it therefore sensible to go on taking Repaglinide or are there any ...
CF diabetes
Dear expert team, I have a general question: is it possible to avoid a CF diabetes via an optimal nutrition or possibly delay its onset? We live on wholefood, and I produce anything that is possible, myself. We avoid all "hidden" sugars (e.g. in completed products). Sweets are still allowed, ...
Hello, We are parents of a CF 5-year-old child. We were asked to "think" and "give an answer" to a proposal of the CF doctor: prescribe our child "a small dose of insulin daily, free blood glucose measurement, preventive." We fail to understand this question, because we are not doctors... Thank ...
Hello, I am carrying the F508del, I am 21 years old I am diabetic and I have a thyroid dysfunction (hypo) and I take the pill "leeloo®". I saw several articles on the need to focus most heavily dosed ethinylestradiol pills. Concrening CF articles I see the opposite. What is that about? In ...
Hello, I am 35 and I have cystic fibrosis, and I have been treated with insulin (Lantus) for a few months after diabetes has appeared. It looks roughly controlled, but I sometimes have blood glucose values that rise after the evening meal between 1.70 and 2 g. It occurs on an irregular basis ...
A doubt about insulopenia was expressed concerning a child a little over 4 years old following an OGTT (oral glucose tolerance test) one year ago. It was concluded that it has glucose intolerance without diagnosis of diabetes to date. Would the risk of diabetes be decreased if that child received ...
Hello, Have pancreatic sufficient patients also an increased risk of diabetes? Will so much prevention in form of a healthy diet be really working or is the cause purely genetic and nothing can be done? Thank you
Dental implants or dental bridges
Dear expert team, I am a CF patient, 50 years old, with normal lung function (FEV1 about 80%), with Pseudomonas and normal weight and have a diabetes for 15 years. Should I rather decide for an dental implant or dental bridge regarding diabetes and CF? Many thanks for your help and a happy new ...
Impaired glucose tolerance and diabetes
Hello, a CFTR-related diabetes is always preceeded by the diagnose IFG (impaired fasting glucose) or IGF (impaire glucose tolerance). The other way round: do all CF patients with IFG and/or IGT develop CF-related diabestes? Or are the imapired values of IFG and IGT common in CF and do not ...