pseudomonas bacteria
Dear reader, My brother-in-law has installed an electric humidifier in his house. He has to replace the water every month (this is stagnant water). The water is NOT heated but is still on the floor (room temp.). Does it give more risk for the Pseudomonas bacteria? My son has CF. His visits are ...
Can you please give information about airconditioning systems?
air conditionning
Good evening I'd like to know if it is possible to have a mobile air conditioner with release of hot air. If it is compatible with CF. Thank you for your answer
Airing in the car / air-conditioning bad in case of CF?
Dear expert team! As we do not have a car, my daughter (21 months, CF) is only very rarely sitting in a car. After the last car ride two days ago, however, she was completely horse and had a strong and coated cough. She was then coughing every night very much and woke up therefore regularly. At ...
Air-exhausting systems, what has to be paid attention to
Dear expert team, I move with my daughter (CF, 18 months old) to an appartment, where the bathroom has no window: there is an air-exhausting system (which one exactly, I do unfortunately not know). I have already looked for adequate former questions on the ecorn-cf site, however I could not make ...
Building a house
We would like to build a massive house made of wood. Does anything speak against a wooden house from the standpoint of CF? What about a ventilation system?
Duct heating system?
Does anyone know if this type of heating system is a threat to those with C.F.?
CF and airing of the house, house building
We have the possibility in our new house to use the air that has been cooled down in earth wires as airing for the rooms and air-conditioning. As our daughter is a CF patient, we ask ourselves if in the wires Pseudomonas aeruginosa could grow and can distribute via the air-conditioning in the ...
Dear expert team, do you have any experience with devices for ionisation of the room air? The improvment of room air quality is for sure advantageous for CF patients? Many thanks
Aromatherapy: thesis about cleaning air with essential oils
Hello, I just wanted to bring your attention to this thesis from the poytechnical university of Lausanne in Switzerland from 2005: INDOOR AIR PURIFICATION AND VENTILATION SYSTEMS WITH ESSENTIAL OILS. When will medical CF teams ...