CF and H1N1 infection
Hello I have CF since I was born and I am nearly 27 years old. I was infected by the H1N1 virus at the end of 2009 and since then I experience more difficulties to expectorate. Do you think that there is a relationship between the decline of my lung situation and the H1N1 infection ? Thank you
Swine flu
Should I have my eleven-year-old daughter vaccinated against swine flu? She suffers from cystic fibrosis and she has been vaccinated against common flu.
about swine flu
i have a question about the "hysteria" of swine flu .. what to do in this situation, we as parents? should we keep children (those with cystic fibrosis) home, even if in their school are not registered such cases? my child tells me that everyone around him sneeze, cough and I am afraid to leave ...
Flu vaccine
My son has C.F. Can you tell me if he should get the new flu vaccine?
Please review the answer to the question: Repetition of H1N1 vaccination
Dear expert team, Personally, I think that the answer given by Prof. Ellemunter is not correct. The current recommendation for Germany says: children are vaccinated with a half dose rate of the vaccine and receive the second vaccination about three weeks later (the second half dose rate of the ...
Swine flu vaccine
Dear expert team, there are two vaccines against the new influenza A (H1N1): Pandemrix® (with adjuvants) and Celvapan® (without adjuvants). As a CF patient, would it not be better to prefer the latter in order to reduce side effects? [Translator's comment: information specific to Germany ...
Repetition of H1N1 vaccination
My daughter (7 years old, CF) got her swine flu shot and tolerated it very well. Now I wonder whether she needs to be vaccinated a second time. I heard that children below the age of nine have to be vaccinated again. In our practice, however, they told us that this has not been answered ...
Swine flu
Our son, 9 years old, CF, was vaccinated six weeks ago, but this was the normal influenza vaccination. Is this vaccination sufficient? He only has digestive problems and has never had problems with the lungs. Thank god! We are very confused because of the side effects, especially with chronically ...
Ciproxin® (ciprofloxacin)
Is it okay to get vaccinated against H1N1 despite taking ciprofloxacin?
School, day care, kindergarten
Hello, The first cases [of swine flu] are occurring now in our local school and kindergarten. Should I take my son (6 years old, CF) out of the kindergarten? We have not been able to get him vaccinated due to a lack of vaccine. Thanks.