Is the genetic testing of the father paid by the insurance?
Hello, we have a child (3 years) with CF, who has the mutation DeltaF508 homozygously. When the diagnosis was made we were told in the CF center, that it is recommended to us parents to let a genetic testing done sometime (our family planning however is finished, we have 2 children altogether). ...
could Pulmozyme® be prescribed by the family doctor?
I am from Constanta and I get the prescription for Pulmozyme® from my pulmonologist; for this I have to bring every month to the specialist the consultation form (from family doctor), certificate of employee from my place of work and the evidence that the employer paid the insurance fees. I have ...
Cost of CF testing
How much does the testing for CF cost at Aghia Sofia Children’s Hospital Greece)? Can I be referred by IKA?
Attestation by doctor is denied
I am 16 years old and have CF. I will begin secondary school this autumn. I have heard that I have the right to get “färdtjänst” but my doctor does not want to write an attestation since no one in Gothenburg or Lund has “färdtjänst” to school. Is there anyone who has similar problem and ...
Do disability is given after cystic fibrosis for child of 5 years old is diagnosed?
Costs of Drugs in connection with adult patients (Germany)?
Please notify that the question/answer is made for a German patient asking about the German medical system!: My foster daughter has CF and just became 18. Now a pharmacist tells me that health insurance companies do not pay any longer for drugs like Vitamin E and Ambroxol (Ambrohexal) mucus ...
Inhalative corticosteroids - copayments in Germany
Dear ladies and gentlemen, the benefit of inhalative corticosteroids seems to be questionalbe in CF. As the course of my Cf illness is stable for many years however (on a quite low level; FEV1 about 1 l), and I do not want to endanger it, I inhale daily Flutide Forte [Gernman medical ...
Therapeutic equipment
Hello, I have a patient, six years old, who has a very good general condition and is pseudomonas-negative… I would like to prescribe him a trampoline but I do not know if the health insurance is covering the costs. With trampoline I mean this all-weather trampoline for outside that is so ...
Prescription/Repair of Pari-Nebulizer
My daughter has been inhaling for 4 years now with the Pari-Master nebulizer, which did suddenly not work anymore during an inhalation (probably the motor is broken). Therefore I wanted to get the nebulizer repaired, I got a prescription for the repair and brought the nebulizer to the pharmacy. ...