Hello, I apologize for this very dark question. If they expressed this wish or agreement during their lifetime (we always say that we can "leave our body to science?"), are dead CF patients sometimes autopsied? Not for the forensic pathology, but for advanced knowledge by examining the lungs, the ...
Hello, Can a person with CF drink alcohol? And if not why? Thank you.
Transplantation and horse-riding
Can one pursue horse-riding after lung transplantation ?
Contact after transplantation
Hello, my brother was transplanted a couple of weeks ago. I do have CF as well. Since the transplantion I have limited our contact to telephone calls and e-mails. However, in a family, it cannot be avoided to meet each other from time to time (what is a good thing, generally speaking). How should I ...
Cord blood and cystic fibrosis
Hello, my 20 year-old niece was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, has many treatments and is awaiting a transplantation, my daughter is pregnant in the 4th month and she wondered if the cord blood would benefit her cousin, if so under what conditions and procedures? Thank you for your reply.
Prograf® serum level
Hello, I have been transplanted with the living-kidney of my wife in 2009, everything went fine. My serum level of Prograf® (substance: tacrolimus) was always around 7 in the last month with 1.5/1.0, now we reduced to 1.0/1.0. I have been on holiday (Tenerife) and got strong cough and took an ...
Living donor organ transplantation of the lung
Good morning to the expert team, I have read several years ago in the journal of the German CF-patient organization a report about a successful living donor transplantation. In how far is the living donor transplantation of the organ lung an option today? Many greetings and thank you very ...
Cirrhosis of the liver
Hello, My daughter has been diagnosed at the middle of december to have a very severe fibrosis of the liver with beginning cirrhosis. Is it not mandatory that she will be put on a waiting list for liver transplantation immediately? Unfortunately, the CF physician is very hesitant, which I do ...
Multi-resistant Pseudomonas after lung transplant
Our 24-year-old son has been having multi-resistant Pseudomonas for ca. 18 months now. He received a lung transplant three weeks ago. Since he was in an induced coma four weeks prior to the transplantation, he does not have any muscles anymore and is now still in intensive care. What about the ...
Impact of the disease on relatives
Hello, I have two young children who live every other week with their dad, who just started a relationship with a woman with cystic fibrosis, waiting for a lung transplant. He decided to introduce her to my children, and I want to know the psychological risk for my children. I only know that she is ...
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