Which criteria does a cat have to meet in order to be allowed to move in?
Hello! Since I (27, female, CF) grew up with pets, my partner and I have been pondering for some time about getting our own pet in our apartment again. It so happened that my great-aunt has now died and left behind a kitten who was born outside but then declared herself a house cat. Which health ...
Nontuberculous mycobacteria and transplantation
Hello, I have CF and I have been colonized with Mycobacterium abscessus for the past three years. I have been previously told that M. abscessus colonization was a contra-indication to transplantation. Why? Recently, more and more centers accept to perform lung transplantation in patients ...
9 years after lung transplantation: I wish to have a child!
Hello, I am 35 years old and had a lung transplantation due to CF in 2003. Now me and my partner we wish to have a child. I do not have any problems since the transplantation and not a single rejection and I am doing very, very well. My medication is: tacrolimus, MMF, cortisone 5 mg, pantoprazole ...
Lung transplant
Dear physicians, I would like to know whether transplanted lungs get less damaged by tenacious secretions because these are healthy lungs. How is the formation of tenacious mucus after a transplant? Thank you for answering our question.
cystic fibrosis: cat and transplantation
Hello, I am recently living in a flat with my cystic fibrosis and 3 years ago transplanted husband. We want to acquire a cat and I would like to know if it is dangerous for his health.
lung transplantation
Hello, My brother had a lung transplants for CF five years ago, and he had a chronic graft dysfunction for one year. He is on the waiting list for a new transplantation. Is there a lot of patients who have been transplanted twice (for the lung) ? Do you think he will wait for a long time on the ...
Boyfriend HIV positive
Hello, I had a lung transplant nine months ago. Now I have fallen in love and my boyfriend is HIV positive. What do we have to keep in mind, and what are the risks? Many thanks for your answer!
Methotrexate and lung transplantation
A cystic fibrosis patient takes medicine by methotrexate (one injection / week) for rheumatoid arthritis diagnosed 6 months ago with a good result. He thinks about the day he will need transplantation and wonders if he could continue this treatment or not. Thanks for your answer.
Weight after operation
Dear expert team, the question about gaining weight after lung transplantation, I find it very interesting. Could it also be that after the operation the energy turnover increased? I have a similar problem. I had an operation of the abdomen (appendix), a bit more complicated, the operation took ...
Weight gain after lung transplantation
Dear expert team, I am in the meantime a CF patient who has been double-lung transplanted for one year now at the age of 24 years. I am doing very well. However I have a problem in gaining weight since the lung-Tx operation. I am 176cm tall and weigh 53kg. Daily calory intake about 3000 - 5000 ...
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