Pancreas tranplantation
Because of the important part of pancreas in the disease, why do not transplant this organ?
Can a cystic fibrosis patient give his organs for transplantation ?
I would like to know if a cystic fibrosis patient can give his organs ? I imagine the answer is no, because no one would like to receive organs with such a disease, but perhaps some organs less injured by CF could be given to save the life of someone. Is it possible for a cystic fibrosis patient ...
Transmission of fungi
I Would like to know if two CF transplanted patients could be girl and boy friends even if one takes a treatment against fungi and the other no.
Lung transplant
If a patient undergoes lung transplant do these lungs stay clear of CF? Or is there in the long term also building up of sticky secretions?
Lactose intolerance 2
Dear Dr. Posselt, I thank you very much for your extended answer. Now I can probably better understand why my test results have been negative. Of course I have to take many drugs against an organ-rejection. Also the intake of antibiotics, especially Ciprofloxacin, is frequent, in case an ...
Dear expert team, I suffer from CF, am 32 years old and have had a transplant of the lungs and liver nearly 3 years ago. I am doing very fine and I can follow my former full-time job again for 2 years now. However, I have an unpleasant problem. Since my transplant surgery I do not tolerate milk ...
Lung transplant
Is lung transplant the definitive solution for this disease?
Which sport?
Dear expert team, I (19 years old, male) am a transplant and CF patient and feel quite well. Since I have repeatedly had sprained and torn ligaments in my feet, I am looking for a sport that is suited for me. Football and tennis would be fun for me, but they do not seem possible. What would you ...
Lung transplant
I am 21 and suffer from CF. In September 2008 I had a transplant and since the transplant I continuously feel sick to my stomach. I am nauseous, especially after the evening meal. My doctor prescribed Domperidon but I don’t have the feeling that this helps sufficiently. Because I feel nauseous ...
Obliterative bronchiolitis
I have CF and was lung transplanted 2002. I have been doing fine until this spring. At that time the lung function values started to decline without any obvious reason. After two bronchoscopies in this autumn due to continuous decline of FEV1, my physicians have stated that I probably have ...
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