Swine flu vaccination after TX?
Dear Expert team, the swine flu vaccine is supposed to be available from mid-October. Should a CF/TX patient get vaccinated, even though there aren’t any studies about this yet? I am quite concerned since one cannot predict any long-term effects in connection with immunosuppression. What is ...
Scintigraphy of the kidneys after transplantation
Dear expert team, I have increased kidney parameters since my transplanation 6 months ago. (Urea 44/ Creatinin 1.63) with decreasing tendency. Because of the proposal of my outpatient clinic, I went to a nephrologist. He could not image my kidneys properly by ultrasound and sent me forward to a ...
Immunosuppression / reddened skin
Dear expert team, my son had a transplant and is taking, among other things, tacrolimus (Prograf®) and mycophenolate mofetil (Cellcept®) for immunosuppression. The skin on his face and hands is turning very red very quickly in sunny weather even if he tries to protect himself (shade and SPF ...
Cat in the bed
Dear expert team, I noted with delight that I can keep my cat even after my transplantation. However, I was advised not to clean the litter pan myself and not to allow my cat to get into my bed. Unfortunately, I have an open passage way between my living room and my bedroom and do not know how ...
Renal transplantation
I am a CF patient and need a kidney transplantation. I have a donor who’s been approved. My physician doesn’t want to perform the kidney transplantation because the medication for rejection would destroy my lungs. Now I have learned that there were transplantations performed in Boston ...
lung transplantation and cats
Dear ladies and gentlemen, Prof. Dr. TOF Wagner wrote on the 31.01.2008 on the topic transplantation and possession of pets "in general are healty pets and especially dogs, which are additionally vaccinated, no special risk, therefore one could say: no concerns..." Now I work myself at a ...
Blood level of tacrolimus
Dear expert team! After the transplantation my son take as immunosuppressive drugs tacrolimus, cortisone and mycophenolatmofetil (MMF). Is it right that some kinds of food or fruits (grapefruit) influence the blood level? Many thanks in advance.
Help regarding lung transplant
Hello, I would like to ask about possibilities for CF treatment if one already depends on LTOT (long-term oxygen treatment). My brother-in-law was diagnosed with CF 3 years ago, up till then he had been treated for asthma, which seems very strange to me, because this illness can be easily ...
Lung transplantation
I am aware that my son 21 years who has CF will need lung transplant . Where and how could I record my son for transplant. We are from Moldavian Republic .
Lung transplantation
When should be done a lung transplantion in CF? What happens when a patient refuses or fails to find a donor for 36 years female?
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