Transplantation of the lung
Dear expert team, probably I made my former question too short: my son has a positive finding of a chronic colonization with Pseudomonas in the paranasal sinuses. Half a year ago, the new lungs have been transplanted. My child is doing fine. However, how big is the danger of the transplanted lung ...
Pseudomonas after lung transplant
Dear expert team, is Pseudomonas aeruginosa dangerous for a CF patient after a lung transplant? Kind regards, S. N.
How could I schedule a pulmonary transplant in a clinic in UK for my teenage boy with cystic fibrosis?
Lung Transplantation
Good afternoon, three weeks ago, our baby son (8 weeks old) was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis after the values of his neonatal screening were increased – a nightmare!!! First examinations concluded that he is missing a pancreatic enzyme. He now has to take pancreatin, simethicone, a ...
Mycobacterium abscessus
Can patients with Mycobacterium abscessus colonisation be transplanted ?
Lung-transplantation centers
Dear ladies and gentlemen, as in the near future I will have to reconcile with the idea of a lung transplantation (LTx), the question of "where?" is coming up. On the one hand one aspect is being near ones home, on the other hand the expectations on a life as long as possible afterwards are of ...
Dear expert team, I am interested if cocaine usage in CF represents a particular risk. My experiences up to now show me that during the consumption my condition is rather improving, probably due to the bronchia extending effects. During the following days, however, my physical condition was ...
Pets and Lung Transplantation
I have a question: Currently, I am in a difficult situation. I am about to get myself a dog because I always wanted to have one and now I am a house-wife and finally do have a lot of time for the animal. Furthermore, I am widowed and very lonely since December. My psychologist recommended me to ...
Pregnancy after lung transplantation
Dear expert team, I have been lung transplanted due to CF 6 years ago. As a am living in a stable relationship, I am feeling again the desire to have a baby by the course of time. I do not have any children yet and I am in a good condition. I did not have any rejections for many years and I had ...
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