R334W/R117H in case of 7 T variant
Dear ladies and gentlemen, we got to know, that our daughter has a mild form of CF. She has the mutation p.Arg334Trp (R334W) and on the other allel the mutation p.Arg117His (R117H) with the 7T variant in the poly-T-region. According to our knowledge, both mutations belong to class IV. ...
F508del/R117H sweat test negative
Dear ladies and gentlemen, I am 33 years old. As symptoms I have only a slight “mucus feeling” in the throat, that goes away when clearing the voice. I have had a sweat test done a few days ago and had other values checked. The result of the sweat test was 19 mmol/l. Therefore truely ...
Compund heterozygous for F508del and R117h
Dear ladies and gentlemen, the above mentioned mutations have been found in my case, when I (32 years old) had already been pregnant via IVF (in-vitro fertilization). I did the investigation, as these mutations had also been found in my brother when he was investiagted in a clinic for ...
Heterozygous fetus of 14 weeks
After a trophoblast examination the results were negative for Down syndrome, but the fetus is heterozygous for CF. Will the baby always remain a carrier? Is there a chance for the baby to have CF? Its sister is 20 months old and normal. An amniocentesis was performed and a molecular karyotype was ...
If I am a carrier (not ill) of a defective CF gene, have both of my parents to be carriers in order to give it to me or is it sufficient, if only one of my parents is a carrier? Many thanks for your answer.
Parents - carriers of CF mutations
Good morning, I am at the 12th week of gestation with my second child, and my doctor recommended to check for CF, something my gynecologist had not recommended during my first pregnancy. I was checked for 85% of the CFTR mutations and I was found to carry the G542X mutation. My husband was ...
Mutations F508del and Q220X
Hello, Our son was diagnosed at birth following a meconium ileus that caused occlusion ... I would like to have information about delta mutations F508del and Q220X. Thank you.
Mutations F508del / Q220X
Hello, Our three month old son was diagnosed at birth. It has the mutations F508del and Q220X. I would like to know how people with its two mutations evolve. Thank you
CF mutation carriers
My wife and I are carriers of a CF mutation. Four years ago my wife was pregnant and she and I were tested and found positive. Afterwards, since the pregnancy was advanced, the doctor took a sample from the fetus, which was found to be just fine, not even a carrier. My wife is now pregnant for the ...
Lack of understanding of F508del-9T/Variant 5T
Hello my partner received his result of genetic analysis and it is noted that he is compound heterozygous F508del and 5T variant. Until then I understand but it is also noted (genotype [p.phe508del / 9T] + [- / 5T]) then why the 9T? Are theF508del and 9T located on the same chromosome? Does it mean ...
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