Transplantation and horse-riding
Can one pursue horse-riding after lung transplantation ?
CF and swiming pool
Are swimming pools safe for children with CF? What do we need to know?
cystic fibrosis and contact with dolphins
Hello I am a permanent doctor of the Association "Petits Princes", an association that realizes dreams for children with chronic diseases including cystic fibrosis since the age of 25 years. Several children dream of approaching or even swim with dolphins. I wanted to know: 1 / What is the ...
use of a spa at home
Can a CF patient bathe in a spa? If yes what are the security requirements? Thank you
Thermal bath
Hello, I have a question concerning thermal baths. How is it there with humid-germs, especially the Pseudmonas aeruginosa? Has one actually to expect such germs there due to the salt content of the water? On the other hand, the water is very warm, which are good conditions for the germs. ...
Hello, Are fountains a threat to our CF children? Sometimes when you walk in the summer, wind containing water can come to us, should we remove our children? Can our children also be at the side of fountains safely? Thank you
Should we be wary of puddles? Can we let our kids jump in puddles? Can you ride through puddles with bikes, strollers ..... ? Thank you.
Bath tub with whirlpool function
Dear expert team, due to an upcoming renovation of the bathroom I (25, CF, Pseudomonas negative) am thinking about bying a bath tub with whirlpool function. I know, that public whirlpools / jacuzzis are not recommended due to an increased risk of Pseudmonas. Is this danger relevant also for ...
baby gym
Hello, I have a 12-month-old girl with cystic fibrosis. Can I register her on babygym? I know that it is good for the development but I don’t know if I shall wait before meeting her many other infants (especially in winter)? Should she begin later? Thank you.
Pseudomonas and hygiene
Dear expert team, I know, that similar questions have already been asked several times before, in spite of this, I as a mother of a 15 year-old girl with CF, am again and again insecure when reading the newest recommendations concerning hygiene in daily life. We have again a positive finding of ...
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