parachute jump
One of my patients who presents a respiratory failure (FEV1 between 22 and 31%), with hypoxemia and hypercapnia has received for his birthday a parachute jump. He was dreaming about it since a long time. He needs a medical certificate. I think it is not reasonable because of situation fragility to ...
outdside games
Hello, Are public parks (slide, swing, etc) not recommended for children with cystic fibrosis? Thanks
Are swimming pools an unnecessary risk after all?
Dear ECORN experts, It seems to be a common view that swimming in well maintained indoor pools is safe for people with CF but I'm starting to wonder if this really is so? I have discontinued my son's swimming lessons because he regularly had both staphylococcal and fungal infections in his ...
Hello, My son is 7 months old and has cystic fibrosis. I love going for walks. But I wonder if there is weather to avoid: Rain, fog? Or a good walk is always good to take? Thank you very much!
Hello, Is snow dangerous for people with cystic fibrosis? (in the sense that it can represent a large reservoir of stagnant water) Thank you.
Pseudomonas and wind instruments
My daughter would like to learn one of the following instruments: flute (German flute), saxophone, clarinet, horn, trumpet. We are worried that a water bug (Pseudomonas) could colonize the instrument since these instruments cannot be cleaned very well. Is one of the instruments more suitable than ...
Swimming in pools
Since a year ago my child swims in an open pool all year long. Recently they started covering the pool with isothermic blankets (they spread them at night and roll them in at noon). Could this cause any trouble for my child? Need I pay any attention?
Good morning, My 4-year-old daughter would like to practice pottery. I wonder if the earth loam is not holder of germs? Should she wear a mask? Thank you in advance
Hello, Are there recommandations against visiting natural caves for children with cystic fibrosis? I think especially about the Pseudomonas aeruginosa germ. Otherwise what precautions should we take (wearing a mask) ... thank you
pond water
Can a child with CF play in a pond (fishing, sailing,..) or accidentally fall in the water without additional risks?
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