Nasal vaccine despite colistin inhalation
Hello, can I have my child vaccinated with the nasal flu vaccine even if he inhales colistin? Many thanks.
Can influenza and antipneumococcal vaccination be realized the same day in an adult patient?
Vaccine against Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Hello There was a clinical trial for Pseudomonas vaccine. What are the news about this clinical trial? Are results available? Thank you.
Nasal spray influenza vaccination
Dear expert team, last year, at this site, it was advised against the nasal spray influenza vaccination for CF patients. On the website of the German patient organization Muko.ev it is recommended this year, that it would even have a better effect. Are there any new findings concerning this kind ...
Drugs/vaccination during pregnancy
Dear team, I am 30 years old, suffer from CF (DeltaF508), have a very good lung condition (FEV1 115%), in exchange I have an insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. Now I got to know yesterday, that I am pregnant in the 5th week (absolute desired child, husband is not a CF-carrier). Now I ...
Dear expert team, I am 47 years old, CF, and contracted E. coli in the lungs. A first i.v. treatment approach with Cefotaxime reduced the germ count but that was it. Now I am supposed to inhale Colistin, E. coli is sensitive. I also take Amoxiclav against staphylococcus aureus that I have ...
Vaccinations for CF children
Each given vaccination contains also mercury, according to my knowledge. Which vaccinations are indispensable for CF children? Which should be avoided due to the burden with mercury?
Vaccination against diphtheria
Does my grand-daughter (CF, nearly 5 years old) have still to be vaccinated also against diphtheria in the frame of the general protective vaccinations? I have read that the illness does nearly not exist anymore.
Whooping cough (pertussis) and CF
Dear expert team, on the 3.3.13 I had asked a question on my severe dry cough, many thanks for the answer, Mrs. Dr. Smaczny. In the meantime I know what I have, whooping cough (pertussis) and that with 48 years! What I am astonished about is why the vaccination record is not check routinely, like ...
vaccine against Pseudomonas and Staphyloccocus
Hello, I have heard of vaccine clinical trial phase II and III called IC43 (pseudomonas) and V710 (staphyloccocus). Do you know more?
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