Flu shots
Dear Experts, It is generally recommended for children with CF to get flu shots. However, my son (16 months old) reacts very sensitively to vaccinations; after every (different) one he has had so far, he contracted bronchitis even though he does not have any other lung problems. Should we have ...
Our daughter, (CF, 1,5 years) was immunized last year against the RS-virus. Since this winter we expect the health insurance to decline an immunisation (for financial reasons) we would like to know from you how important you think this vaccination is (so far she does very well), because we think of ...
Pneumococcal Vaccination
Is it reasonable to refresh a pneumococcal vaccination with CF patients regularly – and if so, how often? (MHH Hannover, CF Clinic)
CF and hepatitis
Is it desirable to vaccinate a CF child against hepatitis? If yes, does it mean both types, A and B? What time of the year is suitable for this vaccination? Is it possible to vaccinate against flu between doses against hepatitis? Thank you for your reply.
"Q/A not relevant for the english Archive"
Q/A was not relevant for the english Archive
Influenza immunization
Dear team members, My daughter , 6 years old , was diagnosed with CF when 9 months old, she had positive culture for Aspergillus fumigtaus from tracheal secretion(2 positives results, IgE 750 , Aspergillus-specific Ig E 3,25, normal thoracic Rx image, without any clinical signs of infection just ...
Vaccination against meningococcal C
Our pediatrician is recommending the immunisation with meningococcal C-conjugate vaccine. Is that vaccination especially advisable for patients with CF or is it perhaps rahter non-advisable? The vaccination could probably done together with the vaccination against influenza - or better not? Thank ...
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