Toilet at school
Hello At school, my 5-year-old daughter with cystic fibrosis used the toilet reserved for the adults. This year, it is not possible and we reserve her one toilet for her own. What is best? Thank you for your help.
Contacts between patients
Hello, I would like to know measures to be taken when CF patients are in the same school? Thank you in advance Cordially
3 MRGN!!
Hello dear expert team, I am suffering from CF and in my sputum, a 3 MRGN (multi-resistant gram-negative germ against 3 antibiotic classes) germ has been found. What does this mean now for me and can the germ disappear again and what do I have to pay attention to and should this be treated if I ...
aquarium in college
Hello, Our team was questioned by 2 families: their CF children are schooled in the same middle school (college, but different levels & classrooms) and they frequently - at the rate of 2 hours in sequence (1 - 2 times / week) - attend a lab of biology (about 20 m2) with presence of 3 ...
Child care worker with Pseudomonas - CF child in institution
What has to be taken into account if a CF child enters an institution and a child care worker had already had the Pseudomonas germ herself? Is she a danger for the CF child?
Acinetobacter baumannii
Dear ladies and gentlemen, in the throat swab of our 7-year-old son Acinetobacter baumannii has been found. Acutally he receives cotrimoxazole due to an infection. Now we have been told, that we have to be isolated in the CF center and the weekly physiotherapy should take place from now on at ...
Risk concerning a person with chronic bronchitis
Hello, I want to know what is the risk to encounter a person with chronic bronchitis and who is under oxygen in the hall of the building every day. Is there a risk of transmission of germs?
Stays in hospital (continued)
Hello, I don't really understand your answer to my question because I thought my son could catch Pseudomonas aeruginosa or other resistant bacteria in hospital (because it's a place where bacteria are present) and that the recommendations of wearing masks were adressed to the overall hospital ...
Stays in hospitals
Hello, my son with cystic fibrosis has already been hospitalized once and has been in emergency a second time for other reasons than cystic fibrosis (stitches, ...) and each time the hospital staff was not aware of hygiene measures to be adopted (wearing gown and mask). It is sometimes difficult ...
2 children with cystic fibrosis in school
Hello, Our child has CF and we live in a neighborhood where another child of the same age is also suffering from the same disease. The two children must start school at next beginning of term. Will it be a problem even if they won't be in the same classroom? Especially during the beginning and ...
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