Indoor playground
As being mother of a little girl (16 months old) with CF, I would like to show her the joys of indoor playgrounds (ball pit, slides), but I would like to know if it is possible and if there is a problem with bacteria? Thanks
Visit of indoor playground / danger from strong fan of jumping castles
Dear expert team, is there any danger from the fan of a jumping castle? Partly completely closed "rooms" with strong fan/ air pressure. I have already tried to get some information myself, however do not find any answer. My son (CF patient, 5 years old) is invited to a birthday party, which ...
hello, My son will be soon in school and I have a lot of questions. Could school refuse or reject the rules of hygiene or refuse to give pancreatic enzymes? My CF center is against the establishment of a Mobility & Living Aid but I am very anxious for meals in the canteen. Can we have a Mobility & ...
CF contact with chest infected person
I would like to know if a CF carrier with lung infection can safely spend two weeks in a camping tent in a hot climate with a CF child. Some of the lung infection symptoms we know about are persistent cough, short of breath, weight loss, overall weakness and a past history of pneumonia and been ...
Rare germ Inquilinus limosus
Dear expert team, My son 11 year-old son, suffering from CF, has been diagnosed to bear the germ Inquilinus limosus. (Apart from that he is from time to time colonized with Staphylococci, Candida or Aspergillus). As this germ seems to be very seldom, some statements contradict, therefore I ask ...
2 patients aged 9 and 13 will attend the same gym but will not be in the same classes. The question is: should we pass a surface disinfectant on the beams and rigging they have used after every session? One girl is chronically colonized by Staph aureus and X maltophilia, the other by Staphylococcus ...
CF children
Hello How can two CF children meet, aged respectively 9 months and 3 years? And what are the precautions? Thanks
Avoid sick people
Hello, Our 7 months old son has Cystic Fibrosis and in times of epidemic influenza, colds and gastro-enteritis, we were advised to avoid our son contact with sick people. To what extent should we consider this advice? Should we refuse to invite people with colds? Should we invite them but they put ...
Preparation for school
All children when they go to school for the first time have to adapt and come in contact with many infections. Is it true that in their first year at school they come across a virus every 15 days? Do the children with CF produce antibodies, or is it always for them like the first year? Is it an ...
Cross infection and CF centre
Hello, we ask ourselves about the CF centre and hygiene during the visits. 1 - In fact, our children go from room to room, in the hallways, intersect with other children with or without mask, while in some countries the patients remain in a room and it is the staff who moves in a specific order ...
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