Floor drain below the sink
Dear expert team, My son has CF. In the bathroom in his school, directly under the sink where people stand when washing hands, there is a drain in the floor (much like the ones often found in public showers). One can see that there is always water standing in this drain (which must be rather ...
Is the use of bleach allowed in institutes for children? (Institute of education for deficient children 12 to 20 years) What is its effect on urine?
School precautions
I would like some advice about what to do for our child when school starts. Thank you.
The bleach at school
Hello, In September, my granddaughter will start school. In public facilities, bleach is prohibited. Can you tell me if there are other effective and inexpensive products used to clean toilets and sinks? Thank you in advance.
Cystic fibrosis and veterinary practice/clinic (infection)
Hello, Can it be recommended for a CF patient to work in a veterinary practice? A friend of mine is opening a practice and would like to employ me on an hourly basis to answer the phone. Unfortunately, the reception desk is located pretty central. Is the risk of being infected with MRSA very ...
Studies: nurse and CF
What are the areas of health where a nurse with CF can work? Such as intensive care units
CF camps
Why are CF camps no longer allowed? You can catch pseudomonas bacteria from other people (non CF) as well, isn’t it? Also, I can’t find clear (general) ‘conduct’ rules for people with CF. Do you know where I can find them?
Start of nursery school in December?
Hello, Our daughter will be 3 years old in December and we also have a place at nursery school for her starting in the middle of December. Now we are worrying a bit if it is a good idea to send her to nursery school just in the high season of infections or if we better should wait until ...
Separation in school, positive and negative, two pupils
Dear expert team, my daughter will probably have to leave her current school shortly, since she is negative and another girl is positive and both are on the same floor and in the same morning care group and also share the same playground. Due to renovation measures, the school is unable to meet ...
Info or instruction for daycare or school?
Dear, Is there a ready made CF information leaflet for school or daycare? Preferably not longer than an A4 with a short intro of what CF exactly is. Why Creon is important, little specifics you should know (for instance not mixing enzymes with the food). I want to make such an info leaflet, but ...
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