Two CF patients in the same school
There are 2 patients with CF at our school These children do not attend the same class, but will soon be in the same building. Which precautions should be taken or should one of them leave school?
My three years old daughter will soon start kindergarten, where there is a open sandbox. Is this allowed?
water cure (spa)
Hello, I have CF, with late diagnosis, and ENT symptoms (chronic sinusitis and polyps operated thrice) and bronchial symptoms. Are water cures indicated and benefical for CF. Thanks for your reply
additional question
My oldest son goes to playschool and plays with another child with CF. If this child has pseudomonas, can this bacteria be transferred to my daughter with CF through my healthy son? Is it contraindicated that a child with CF goes to day-care/playschool? Is it contraindicated that a healthy ...
Transmission of Pseudomonas
I am a parent of a child resident in an institution for children with cystic fibrosis and multiple disabilities with a section where there are children colonized with pseudomonas aeruginosa. What precautions should be taken when he attends common rooms ?
Stay in public places
Hello, I am the mother of a 6 years old CF child and I would like to know if it is risky (bacterian infections) to bring him at Disney during the christmas holidays, while it is very crowdy. Thank you.
Physiotherapist with chronic bronchitis
Dear CF-Team, Is there a danger for me as a CF patient to get infected by a phystiotherapist, who suffers for years from chronic bronchitis, via the contact in the frame of the physiotherapy? Best regards and many thanks
Two CF children in same class
Hello, Our son (7 years old, CF) and another girl with CF are in the same class. With regards to social aspects we do find this positive. However, her health condition has now deteriorated (transplantation is planned). Since four weeks she is Pseudomonas positive and a therapy with antibiotics ...
MRSA and other microorganisms in profession
Dear Expert team, let me explain first that being a CF patient and social pedagogue I could work as a hospital social worker. My main task is to discuss with the patients that treatment courses are successfully carried out und that applications for cures etc are correctly filled out. My questions ...
School, day care, kindergarten
Hello, The first cases [of swine flu] are occurring now in our local school and kindergarten. Should I take my son (6 years old, CF) out of the kindergarten? We have not been able to get him vaccinated due to a lack of vaccine. Thanks.
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