Career aspiration: Restaurant specialist
Dear Sirs, My son (19) would like to start an apprenticeship to become a restaurant specialist/restaurant operations trainee [in German: Restaurantfachmann]. Is this possible despite his Pseudomonas findings? Regards
Cross infection
My daughter has CF and attends a private school. Another child with CF has applied to our school for the coming year. The children will be in different classrooms, but will come in contact in confined spaces (e.g. school bus, school theatre and feasts, some classrooms for elective subjects, break ...
MRSA - handling after successfull eradication
Hello, I have a question for the experts. I have been tested positively for MRSA 10 weeks ago, whereupon a sanitation with an antibiotic had been done. Now in the last four sputum samples as well as in one nasal swab no MRSA could be detected anymore. In spite of this I have problems with my ...
Hospital- and nursing staff, the second
Please see question "Hospital- and nursing staff" as this comprises both questions and answers.
Hospital staff and nursing staff
Hello, I have seen a statement in the internet (however in a not quite qualified forum) which did alarm me. A nurse states there, that about 80% of the staff in German hospitals were carriers of the MRSA. Even if the exact number is not as high: It would interest me if the hospital staff ...
School attendance
I have a 9-year-old daughter with atypical CF, but who is so sick that I have taught her at home for two years now. The school does not know how to deal with her, and in the end they approved individual education for her. I'm worried about how long I can manage to teach her, and whether we don't ...
Forest kindergarten
Dear Expert Team, our little daughter (13 months) is a CF patient. She mainly has digestive problems (two intestinal obstructions already). So far, she has not had any severe infections and her lung is clear. Nevertheless, she inhales saline solution twice a day. We are now considering enrolling ...
Preschool (Kindergarten)
What do I have to take into account as the leader of a preschool (Kindergarten) when I am planning to host a child suffering from CF in my instituion?
School – two children with CF
Hello, our son Dennis will start school in summer. Currently we learnt that there is already another child with CF at that school (third grade). Now our doctor is concerned, because the girl at that school is “badly off” and already had several bacteria, among them pseudomonas. Are we ...
Kindergarten with CF/Pseudomonas
Hello, I have registered my daughter with CF for kindergarten. Now, the kindergarten possibly does not want to admit her because they cannot supervise the enzyme substitution and guarantee to avoide problematic germs (Pseudomonas). This is not only regarding the toilet but also the usage of ...
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