FEV1% changes in times of quick growth
Hello, My 14-year-old son has grown 15 cm in the last 15 months. His FEV1 values in liters increased during that period however, sometimes, his FEV1 values in % were lower than before, sometimes the same. Are the values in percent reliable at all in times of quick growth?
About CF/carbon dioxide
My friend has CF and now a high content of carbon dioxide has been measured. What does this mean?
pseudomonas aeruginosa
Has besides killing the Pa by antibiotics, also the mucus layer to be broken down?
Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus bacteriae
Dear, Can patients with CF and lung infection with eg Pseudomonas cough up bits of tissue?
CF like disease
Hello, What does this diagnosis mean for our child? (cough, bacterial colonization, pancreatic insufficiency) Friends told us that the genetic defect is not located on the usual gene but outside so that a mutation cannot be determined and thus the new therapy options cannot be ...
Exacerbation after infection
I am a 40-year-old patient with CF and have 3 children. Actually I got a beginning cold last week with strong throat ache and rhinitis, after about 2 days a got a big spot (?) at the chin, which was very painful. My treating physician was unfortunately on holiday. I was right away beginning to take ...
Pulmonary condensation
Hello, The last Thorax x-ray of my 11 year old son revealed pulmonary condensation. I don't really understand what it mean´s or what are the consequences. Can you explain it to me? Thank you in advance
My son (18 years old) has been diagnosed to have an atelectasis. He has a very good overall health status. His oxygen values are very good, lung function 103%, sputum findings o.k., very good weight, no dyspnea, physically fully stressable, therefore no impairment. Is there the possiblity, that the ...
Hello, Is it possible that existing bronchiectases heal up? Our child has bronchiectasis and after having moved to another place we have a new CF outpatient clinic. They say that regular antibiotics administration is outdated? Best regards
Dear expert team, This is my question: Which value of the lung function test indicates hyperinflation? Which are the standard values of a healthy person? Many greetings, T.
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